Breaking: French news is awesome (24 Photos)

Her name is Melissa Theuriau. She got her start as a reporter at Match TV in 2002. Then in 2003, she was named as an anchor for La Chaîne Info (LCI), where she became famous for being scorching hot I guess. Anway, I can't stop staring at this chick. Enjoy...

The following link isn’t safe for your place of work. Click here and you’re welcome.

  • film fan


  • Captain cool

    double mint!!! last foto is awesome 😀

  • Libertariandude

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Truth is, there are still many girls like this in France. Granted, this one is exceptionally hot.

  • Chris

    Yay for the uninhibited French!

  • giraffe

    le fap

    • Brandon

      Hahaha, nice

  • krisb

    Quite possibly the greatest thing about France. Classic beauty. Vive le France!

    • katsuo11

      It’s “Vive la France”, but who cares?
      I don’t!
      Oh wait…

  • FartFace

    wow.. so so awesome.

  • B

    You forgot she’s also the face of those acai berry sidebar ads. I will no longer say, “Who’s the piece in this ad??”

  • bobbymuthafuck

    Yeah men, I’m from France and since i was a young boy I hope to meet so many chicks like her but this is not the truth…

  • LOL

    I’m so glad I’m not at work right now…thanks for the link John. 😉

  • greenerblues

    ooo la la

  • Equalizer

    John my friend, you know my email. Email me the last pics, please and thank you….

  • OneClownShoe

    Lost in those eyes!!!

  • mdawg

    i see some nip!!! last picture. also the text color and back ground color look like shit! thank you that is all

  • Cocos Island

    Holy sh!t

  • poppajo8


  • nouu

    fuck off faggots.

  • forge

    I hate the way the NSFW web sites shriek about how it’s so “scandalous.” One, she’s French. Two, if I looked like that I’d NEVER F*CKING WEAR CLOTHES IN MY LIFE.

  • top dog

    I know Eupean women are pretty open when it comes to breast feeding in public, but #22 has got to be a shop job. I’ve never seen them breast feed on national television.

  • Anonymous

    # 22 Breastfeeding???? or wishful thinking….

  • sensi

    keep cool american!
    You hate us, but when you can see our women finally you like us… keep your fate women and let us live in peace!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nope, I still don’t like you.

    • top dog

      I just like your women.

    • Viral

      I'm French but I don't like him too … et vive LCI ^^

  • Anonymous

    #22 : Proof that everything goes up when it comes to boobs, even the economy.

    @sensi : roflol calm down !

  • Anonymous

    PERFECT 10!!!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    24. Saturday night.
    25. Sunday morning.

  • HardcoreAtheist

    Holy mother of God…

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