Momma always said, “Hot is as hot does” (23 Photos)

  • Joe Clyde

    Good Morning Vietnam!

    • kaygısız

      we have a supernatural fan here

      • Clutch101

        Or a Good Morning, Vietnam movie fan…

  • HellRazer

    #12 looks like she could cut glass with those nips

  • anon

    man the chive only shows white women ( i have no complaints) but can they mix in some women from different ethnicities?

    • Garrett

      If you didnt notice for cinco de mayo. They had hispanic women on here. so there are other ethnicities than just white women.

      • HellRazer

        Also, let’s not forget the Beyonce post earlier today.

        • Libertariandude

          “Hispanic” is not a race, nor an ethnicity. A “hispanic” person is a person of any race who speaks Spanish or comes from a Spanish-speaking background. Given that, there are white, black, Asian, Native Indian, Middle Eastern and mixed-race hispanics.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you Dr.

          • Parmenion

            Libertariandude says:
            May 11, 2010 at 2:52 pm
            “Hispanic” is not a race, nor an ethnicity. A “hispanic” person is a person of any race who speaks Spanish or comes from a Spanish-speaking background. Given that, there are white, black, Asian, Native Indian, Middle Eastern and mixed-race hispanics.

            Duhh, Asian is not a race either … in Asia you have a lot of variety of races
            of whom speak totally different languages. How can you call Asian a race
            when Chinese and Indians are totally different in color and facial features.
            There are also South East Asians look the same but different language and culture of the different races defines Malay, Thai/Siamese, Filipino, Burmese
            and Indochines(Laos Cambodia Vietnam – also different languages)
            There are the Mongols which looks like Chinese mix Caucasian
            The Turks and the Persians which looks like Arab mix Caucasian
            The Japanese, Koreans and Chinese may look the same to you and me but
            between them they can recognize the other without verbal contact.
            Middle Eastern is not a race either, a Jew and an Arab will go ballistic if you call them the same race.
            Same with the Africans in African continent, they may look the same to you and me but they are totally aware of the races between them.
            Infact they even look different between the North and South.
            The Egyptians/Libyans/Algerians/Tunisians/Morrocans (North Africa) share a more Mediterranean look to them.
            We generalize the Chinese but a long time ago before they were united under one emperor they were a collection of a lot of races. They actually had different
            languages and facial features looked different . Something like the Native Americans/Native Indians to me should not be called Indians because the Caucasians branded them as Indians for the only logical reason I can think of is that they were colored but unlike the Africans, more like the India Indians of whom the exploring Caucasians already knew about before meeting them hence the prefix Red. Native Americans – Cheyenne,Mohican,Shawnee to name a few, Native South Americans – Aztecs, Incas, Mayans to name a few

            But the moral is no matter what race, there will be the beautiful, the plain and the not so pleasant to look at. Beauty is at the eye of the beholder coz another man’s meat is another man’s poison so to speak. And the best thing a man could ask for is being pampered by a lovely beautiful woman in his eyes, no matter what race she is or language she speak. We can always use super basic sign language, am I right? Cheers to all

            • RY!

              u make me wanna eat a quualude with that garbage….who cares…its titties people relax.

              • that_ALBANIAN_guy

                Lol, you're a coment necro.

                But in absolution, there are 3 races in the world.

                White, Black, Yellow.

                Of those three, there is MANY mixes. But just like 3 primary colors, you got 3 primary races.

            • Rej

              I just wanna point out here that there is technically only 1 "race" of human which is Homo Sapiens Sapiens… What people define as race are actually just geographical variations in the dna.

    • Phoneboy

      They ca, when the girls submit their photos.. but i have the feeling that caucasian peeps make up most of the chive's readership.. just like blacks make up most of some other sites. blackplanet, worldstarhiphop, etc…
      there are some gorgeous girls there too.. believe me..

      it just happens

    • Causinchaos

      They also have the Black is Beautiful occasionally!!

    • : D


  • Anonymous

    # 1 – 23 FTW!

    • Brandon

      Epic racks galore! Especially 22.

      • Drizzt

        #22 is fucking awesome!!

        • Anonymous

          Anyone know who 22 is?

        • Jeff

          Sue Slaughter Utermark from Ghost International


    #21 – is her top photoshopped into the picture?

    • Pussy Bubbles

      the color was changed …which is odd because I’ve seen this pic somewhere before, and everything else is exactly the same except she’s got a dark green top.

      I think someone wanted to submit it but decided to take a token of wisdom from the Vanilla Ice School of Plagiarism: Change one detail and it’s magically copyright-free YIPPIE!!

      • that_ALBANIAN_guy

        No. Someone tried to "x-ray" it. It's a method of photomanipulation that can reveal details under what would normally be obscure areas. More specifically: nips. Someone wanted to see nipples, and they failed.

        Google that shit, yo

  • SAK

    #18 is a tranny. I saw him on a tranny web site.

    • Phideauxe

      Haha trolling the tranny websites?

    • stonewall_79

      I'm sorry to ask but what's a tranny?

    • jeepjoe

      why are you looking at tranny websites?

    • SteveO

      Why would you admit that…

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I'd like to order #6 and #15 for the weekend 🙂

    • Bytor

      It's the same chick. Kylie Michele

  • Cynikill

    I want the twins in #7…

    • Tiger's Wood

      Yes, I agree… Especially the one in the mirror, her ass seems to look better in it

      #15 WOW. Flawless bod.

    • nigel

      I am assuming that you meant the twins up top because I know you didn't mean the 2 girls in the picture which is actually one girl standing by a mirror…

      • eddie

        he was saying that he thought at first there were twins and after he realised it was a mirror was disappointed…

  • Phideauxe

    So I'm investigating #4 cuz she's hot and wtf is that standing behind her, and I go to the website shown on the pic – widelec dot org, and it's apparently a Polish version of The Chive! Funny stuff. P.S. I want the (semi) nude pics of HHNF!

    • BillyBlaze

      If you go to look up Brock’s Chick. She is the chick in number 4. Absolutely perfect MILF

      • Allscool

        Stacy Cole

    • David Cop-a-feel

      You should also investigate that black eye. That's a war wound from the pimp game if I ever saw one.

  • Phideauxe

    #19 is the winner hands down

    • forge

      However shame on Chive for not showing what is probably an epic, mindbogglingly amazing ass.

      • yay

        probably wasnt SFW… lol

    • Anonymous

      yes! I totally agree! Who is sheeee?!!

      • that guy

        Brea Lynn

    • Guest

      Ok, hand up.

  • powersticks

    #1 and 2 because they don't have skank faces.

    • Bobby G

      Awesome……She's a FB friend!!!

      • fritodog

        Yo Bobby G, get her to post some MOAR!!!

  • top dog

    What are these, street walkers on break? NAAAAAAAAAAWWW I’am just kidding. some of em look pretty good.

  • B

    Do you ever get down on your knees and thank the universe we live in a country that supports young girls taking pictures of their goods and posting them online? We won wars for this right! Do NOT take it for granted! USA! USA! (And UK! UK! for the Keeley pic at the end.)

    • J

      Uhhhh B, the web is global…….

    • top dog

      What the hell are you ranting on about man? Everybody know where they live, if they don’t they have a problem. Tell me what you think of the shots and the women in them.

      • terry

        why did 3 people feel they needed to tell B that it was lucy pinder not keeley?

    • Blimpyboy

      Thats Lucy Pinder not Keeley

    • Roscoe

      Not that it matters too much, but the last pic is Lucy Pinder.

    • BillyBlaze

      Thats not Keeley, thats Lucy Pinder

  • Evan

    That’s it. I’m inviting them all to my next b’day party.

  • Equalizer

    You made my day complete. Thanks chive

  • Markkens

    Fappage complete, but #15 looks like she’d hurt momma’s little boy.
    epic Superunderboob, too.

  • Dingo

    the above pictures are reasons why i need to become filthy stinking rich…

  • Selecta

    i would be quite willing to sell my mate’s left testicle for #21

  • jimbob

    number 15 please. god she’s hot

  • OneClownShoe

    Tits & ass always = win win

  • P-90

    2, 7, 14, 15 FTW.

  • BillyBlaze

    4 has had two kids. Its damn impressive that she still looks that good

  • HellHathNoFury

    This is your best hot chick post so far.
    I’ll take 9’s hair, 10’s boobs, 11’s face and 15’s body.
    Where are my pics, bro? I’m not that herf-inducing

    • Nameless

      I do concur. We need another “hot chivers” gallery and it would be nice to see you there as well as Heartundertherose if she’s still around. The two coolest and fun to read chicks on the Chive.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        O_o Wow, I’m flattered anyone would think that about me. And yup, I’m still around. Just haven’t posted anything in a while cuz of the last debacle that was created over a post I made. I haven’t submitted any pictures of myself other than that one time though.

        • Nameless

          Well, I’m glad to hear you haven’t upped and disappeared on us. 😉

        • Nameless

          “other than that one time”… Okay. I just have to ask. Did they post it? If so, how did I miss it? lol

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            I meant to say that I haven’t submitted any pictures other than one time, and no, they didn’t post it. *sad face*

            • Nameless

              Ah. Well don’t let that discourage you. I think it took HHNF a while before they finally posted one of her and she was kind of The pioneer resident cool chick on here, back when there were more male internet jackasses on here and not so many awesome ladies like yourselves. Granted, there’s still a lot of your typical internet male archetypes on here, but it’s great to have the awesomer sex represented on here. So like I said, keep on trying. And by the way, I think both of the pics I’ve seen on your gravatar are hot-hot-hot. My original compliment I sent your way was based off of your “sexy girl with glasses” look before I saw your newer “sultry and scorching” look. Needless to say, it really knocked me out. lol

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Well thanks. Not too many guys around here think that about me, and the few who act like they do . . . well, I won’t get into all that. But anyway, I might submit some more if I ever get some more decent pictures of myself. And even then, I’d probably only get posted in a “sexy” geeks post. I mean, I wear glasses, have red hair (though thank goodness not the bright orange kind), play video games (Resident Evil is my shit!), and read Harry Potter. Yup, I’m sure most would classify me as a geek. *sigh*

            • Irwin 109

              I know the feeling HUTR. People are so quick to bag each other up into stereotypes, I myself get thrown in the category of ‘goth’ ’cause I have long hair, wear baggy clothes, read Stephen King and love metal =/
              I’m deeper than that, hell my music alone spans just about every genre, books too thinking about it…

            • Nameless

              You know what the nice thing about being seen as a certain archetype is? The ones who see through and take time to peel back the layers are usually more worth your time than the ones who don’t see past the first layer. Just know you’re more complex than that and you will be ahead of the game. Knowledge like that is power. 😉

              Resident Evil 5, huh? So is it more action oriented, or is it more of the puzzle solving gameplay like the previous ones? I’ve been intrigued, but haven’t picked it up yet because I’m not sure whether or not it’s got the same pacing as the others.

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        I actually didn’t really like RE5. The whole partner element of it was annoying and a pain in the ass more than helpful. Ashley from RE4 was annoying enough, but at least she wasn’t around getting in your way constantly like your partner in RE5. It might be better if you’re playing it with 2 players, but if you’re playing on your own, your partner just gets in the way. And the storyline definitely wasn’t as enthralling as the other games. But it’s definitely more action based than puzzle based. I’ve played all the previous RE games several times, but with RE5, I just don’t find any desire to play it again.

        • Nameless

          Yeah, I find myself wanting to love the RE series, but at times it can be really hard to. I played the first three but not RE4 or 5. Umbrella Chronicles drove me batty with the voice acting in it. Outbreak, I think was my favorite, but it was just too difficult for me to survive. lol I just loved the concept of that one. I just want a GTA Sandbox Style zombie game. Yup– that was me flying my geek flag. 🙂

    • Columbus

      I concur. It’s about time for another “Hot Chivers” gallery and it would be nice to see you there. Also HeartUnderTheRose if she’s still around. The two of you are the coolest and most fun to read ladies on this site. Not to mention damn fine looking.

      • Legion

        Oops! Double post. Got a little excited there. LOL

    • nelson

      yea, your gorgeousness and #12’s body. WOW, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! or your body too, if i could actually see it.

      • MichaelGS

        Nah, HearUnderTheRose hasn’t left us. She just feels shes better than all of us since she gets posted on theBerry regularly now. We’re obviously benath her high brow tastes now 😦

        Just kidding HUTR 😉

        And @ DaddyD, get in line my friend. But HHNF said she’d marry me first so, you’re outta luck I’m afraid

  • OmgUsed


    *eyes catch fire*

  • Anonymous

    #22 : Perfect boobs and shoulders -yes, shoulders-.
    She’s really despite the emo-face.

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