Mail order brides just added a new, er, category (26 Photos)

They went and created a 'voluptuous vixens' category. I added some to cart. Others not so much...

  • Blip

    They’re all named Boris

    • top dog

      Not all of em, some of them are named Doris, and each one is finer than the next.

  • Furthy

    #s 19 & 20….awful boob job.

  • Pat

    I’ll take one of each please… Thanks Chive!

  • jameson

    #4 is pretty damn hot. esp if she grew her hair out imo

    • rushCloud

      Agreed #4 is smokin’ hot. Though I think the short hair makes her look damn sexy. Either way shes good looking.

  • Paul

    19,20 – worst boob job ever

  • Sauru

    the second girl is hands down the best

    • northerner

      Agreed, #2 is the best, absolutely down-to-earth smoking gorgeous girl next door….sigh…

  • Tiger's Wood

    I’ve added #1 but since I will not be marrying them I think I’ll add a few more.

  • Equalizer

    I’m beginning to realize that this is your constant hobby…

  • Ano-nimo

    you could play connect-the-dots with the chick on 8,9 &10…LOL

    • Tiger's Wood

      Haha, great observation my friend!

  • stafferty

    I salute you all in your valient attempt to capture moose and squirel

  • zym

    Can you get #21 – 26 in a pupu platter? (Yeah, I know there are repeats. I don’t care.)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take #17 for the weekend… oh, also #2….. Thank you!

  • Belisario

    # 1. Wash her, and send her to me……. I also order the Brazilian Waxing for her and a Express shipment In a nice white packet with a bow.. Hell yes. The best presents are the one ‘s you grant yourself.

  • markkens

    I would cook for #5.

  • confused

    Is 25 and 26 the same person???

    • Pat


  • dabombishere123

    I want number 16 so bad, i think i’ll order her.

  • Anonmouse

    I’ll order a tongue-full of #3, 17, and 18 please…

  • Mike Tyson

    It’s soccer


      Uh oh Mike, I think I need to hammer it in your tiny head…

  • ChrisDG74

    I will take all except 19 and 20, please. Where do I enter my credit card info?

  • Arkansas Lad

    If 19/20 is so bad then I’ll take her. Seriously.

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  • powersticks

    #7 13 21 22 and 23. If only I had the money.

  • aleXTC

    I dont know i like girls with darker hair better for some reason 21, 7, 4, 13 are my fav

  • Randomguy

    I would bone 19-22.

  • Drizzt

    #16 is definitely the best one. How much?

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