Mail order brides just added a new, er, category (26 Photos)

They went and created a 'voluptuous vixens' category. I added some to cart. Others not so much...

  • andy

    Some of those are lank moldy, but I think I’m in love with #26.

  • Buffet

    12 is breathtaking!

  • Leif erikson

    i’ll take two number 3’s, Hayden panettiere look-a-like.
    and one #20 , she reminds me of Jessica rabbit from who framed roger rabiitt.

  • tommybhoy

    #22 is being shipped by DHL to my address as we speak….just hope they put air holes in the box
    Am running out of space in my garden if they forget again!

  • julietromeobravo

    Russia has some smokin hot women!

  • imayadatty

    19, 20 ….the problem is that if you get a boob job you don’t need to wear a push up bra….she just need a little instruction…she gets a A+ for effort though!!

  • Me

    Do they do rentals? Or perhaps taking a couple for a test drive first? Because I really don’t want to actually marry any of them.

  • hey

    dye her hair blonde in number 15 and youve got a decent impersonator or rose from dr who

  • Mike

    in the US the definition of voluptuous has shifted to obese….

  • northerner

    Nearly all are lovely girls but with bad boob jobs…big tits are not attractive. #2 smokes them all. Her boobs are just right and she’s gorgeous…

  • bobg4400

    wtf is up with the boobs in pics 19 and 20?

    • northerner

      They’re ugly, that’s what’s up…poor girl is a desperate candidate for breast reduction surgery. Urgently…

  • lemurfart

    #5 #21 #26 thank god for a high credit limit

  • doug

    i'll have a long order of 16 please

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