Kevin’s wife just left him. She left one thing – her wedding dress (25 Photos)

When Kevin's (ex) wife of 12 years left him, only one thing remained in the closet, her wedding dress. She make the mistake of telling him he could do 'whatever the fuck you want' with it. So he did. Kevin started an hilarious website and asked the users to help him come up with 101 uses for the dress. So far he's got 13, everything from a dish rag to a grill cover.
Go support Kevin's site and help him come up with 101 uses for the dress. He seems like a good dude despite the hilarious vengeful streak.

  • exHHNFfan

    haahaha 1st HHNF=LAME

    • HellHathNoFury

      I really think you just cemented yourself into the ‘obsessive fruitbasket stalker’ role with several remarks about me, including me in the dreaded, “First’ comment, all in one post, let alone your moniker.
      Now unless you’re my ex husband, you reaaaally need to meet someone.

      • chiver

        hhnf, no crying on the chive

      • Pat

        I used to use the name HHNFFan. You asked me to stop and I haven’t used it since. that exHHNFFan is some other wacko. I still love your comments btw….

      • Johnny Appleseed


        You’re just another whiny, opportunistic, miserable female who’s only chance to get ahead is to take half of some poor schmucks money. In 3 days you will rust shut. Oh, and sweetheart, the worlds not doing so well. So someday you may not have the walls up that society has provided you to explore your immaturity. Enjoy that.

        • HellHathNoFanClub

          I’ll try to make sense of your fortune cookie bullshit and reply to your first two statements.
          Oddly enough, one of two reasons I’m currently single is because I worked while my husband took MY money. Divorce? I lost out on a house because he had no job and I could *judge’s quote* ‘make my own way’.
          Yeah, I’m just living it up on his unemployment checks, aren’t I?

          • RubberDogTurds

            meh, these trolls aren’t even worth fighting back to imo. We has teh vaginas, and some are just jealous a-holes, plain and simple. But not all of you, of course 🙂

      • James F

        You’re all forgetting the big picture guys.

        Our planet is going to be consumed by the sun in 4 billion years (Or sooner!).
        Drop the politics, religion and bail-out NASA so we can all get off this horrible, pot-hating planet.

        Did I mention pot?

      • sharkbomb

        Puhleeze, don’t listen to that wench… She walked, the whole thing is her fault. Hope she dies in a fire, and same to all the stupid cunts that take her side.

    • Nateb123

      exHHNFFan, you were the kid who did thousands in damage after your parents brought the new baby home, weren’t you? Jealous when others get attention much? Maybe if you had a personality that wasn’t wholly based on trying to make others feel bad about themselves, you wouldn’t be so pathetically bitter.

      • Cheez

        Shut up, Nateb you sexHHNFfan. These cyber brownie points won’t get you a pussy session.

        • Fail Rater

          Says the guy defending HHNF

        • Nateb123

          TheChive is supposed to be enjoyable, not a place for you to stroke your egos when you need a rest from stroking your dicks. Get a life.

          • UrDumb

            “These cyber brownie points won’t get you a pussy session.”


    • jmw

      this poor loser doesn’t realize that the jokes on him!

  • exHHNFfan

    We need a new semi hot chick to brave up and become the next girl users feel they can relate to. to bring down the reign of HHNF. Any Takers? to bring this ignorant big headed women down a peg or too?

    • Furthy

      What did she do to piss you off?

      • phvoot

        she generally just needs to STFU every now and again

        • HellHathNoFury

          I totally agree! What we need is a hero: a bitter, immature moron with a vengeful agenda to turn this thread into a big conversation about me!
          *aside from myself, thxmuch*

          • SaintxXxAsh

            Epic battle. Chive on bitches!

            • exHHNFfan =]

              what about you? your quite beautiful! and probably wont use the ” i’m fat send comments to boost my self-esteem” line.

          • OneClownShoe

            With great power comes great responsibility! 🙂

          • Grey

            What we need is a ‘An Hero’, I vote for exHHNFfan.

            OT: this guy owns. And that wedding dress is hideous, probably much like the Ex-Wife.

          • AlexTheSemiGreat

            On the internet no one ever needs to shut up. EVER. No exceptions. Also I miss the old Chive display pictures.

        • exHHNFfan


      • NTFW

        I’m pretty sure HHNF burned him on a post a while ago.
        He was all on HHNF’s jock about something that he thought would make him super rad
        — then she burned him hard, and told him that she shames the HHNFfan name

        … and here we are now lol’

    • RubberDogTurds

      ok i have no clue what the details are about all this but i’m hot and enjoy kicking pedestals out from beneath undeserving people, guys and girls alike, so count me in? Then again, maybe she’s getting attacked for no good reason for all i know =P

      • inv8erzim

        Stop… just stop this crazy talk. I’m .. I’m not so sure what started this … but stop. OMG that dress DID fit the grill perfectly. I have an idea, now.

      • 123roasthim

        No, what we need is a symbol…
        Something that appeals to the best in each and every one of us!
        Something good…
        Something decent…
        Something pure!

        *marches Statue of Liberty down 1st avenue*

        • Insert Name Here

          cripple fight!!

        • theshwedda

          Epic. Win.

      • rubber what?

        OH OKAY LOL
        shut the fuck up and drop your whole self-entitled bullshit, you dumbass.

    • creepsareforkeeps

      You should be using my name creepo. Are you a web crawler?

    • Liz

      Are you just sad because she is funnier than you?

      • fourtwenty

        what we need is people to stop taking theChive so fucking serious. take it easy. i have a joke: why did the little girl put a fish in her pocket? So she can smell like the big girls.conan o brien ————–>

  • exHHNFfan

    We need a new semi hot chick to brave up and become the next girl users feel they can relate to. to bring down the reign of HHNF. Any Takers? to bring this ignorant big headed women down a peg or two?

    • Nameless

      Hey exHHNFfan, you want to bring down HHNF’s “reign” and replace her as the chick everyone can relate to? How’s about you put on a dress and lipstick, make a gravatar and give it your best shot, ya’ big mary?

      • madamecursorla

        Nameless, you’re alright. I like you.

        • MichaelGS

          @exHHNFfan – HHNF’s the hero theCHIVE deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt her because she can take it. Because she’s not our hero. She’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

  • paid for nothin'

    Izismile. FTW

    • Anonmouse

      Yet here you are at the Chive. If your favorite little site is “FTW” as you put it, why not just go there and never come back here again? Nobody, except whiny little bastards like yourself, gives a rat’s ass where these pics have been previously posted. As long as we get to see them, and get some degree of enjoyment out of seeing them, that’s all most of us care about. Now run along and play.

      • paid for nothin'

        Wow over the internets you’re a tough guy and some how feel justified in disrespecting people. But in reality you’re probably some fat slob drinkin’ a mountain dew and fapin’ over mail order brides.

        Now, I love The Chive and only yesterday discovered Izismile. Mainly I like the comments I read on The Chive (yes even yours). By saying FTW I was pointing out my disapointment of realizing that Izismile posts the majority of the pics we see at The Chive before The Chive. However, Izismile does not have the awesome personality The Chive has. Now STFU fat bastard.

        • Anonmouse

          haha, fat bastard? Not even close but as I get a little older, maybe some lbs will stick around!

          Sorry about jumping down your throat. I’ve been here a while and it seems every few days somebody has to put down the Chive by stating that they steal pics from another site (Izismile is one commonly listed). Just defending one of my favorite sites, that’s all. Does it really matter where pics are posted first? As long as we get to see them, that’s all that is important really. Unless other sites are posting original pics, that they’ve taken themselves, then chances are they’re stealing them from somewhere else as well.

  • Jess

    omg omg it’s darth!!!

  • Dom

    HHNF must be doin’ something right. Got all you bothered.

  • goochiebag

    What a pussy. Instead of being pathetic, he should be out looking for the upgrade,

  • Robbo

    Little resentment I suspect

  • Haldred

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  • Haldred

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  • j12goose

    OMG!!!!!! A grill cover that actually fits!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I think Darth Vader looks absolutely gorgeous. But white is so not flattering, he should go darker. I wonder what they’ll play on the way down the aisle?

    • j12goose

      Would R2D2 be the ring bearer??

      • HellHathNoFury

        Oh. My. Craps. you’re a mad genius.

        • j12goose

          I know……..I was just thinking that if R2 were involved, well, it could just whistle the tune. Not sure what the tune would be…..Theme from Star Wars? Traditional wedding march? Cowboys from hell?? Take your pick.

      • madamecursorla

        Don’t forget our friend C-3PO as maid of honor!

    • kjellupa

      And who does he think he’s fooling wearing white anyway?

      • inv8erzim

        lol.. Ho Vader

  • Belisario

    what a bitch! he should have a made a rope out of it and hang her. that’ll teach ’em …

  • top dog

    Just burn the thing and move on, walk away and don’t look back.

  • GAboy

    1. Use it as a drop cloth while changing the oil in your car. 2. You could always use it to apply stain to wood furniture. 3. Clean a deer with it.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oooh, best revenge ever, hire a supermodel to wear it, and look killer in it, to a fake wedding and have it posted all over the news.

    • thechamp4l

      LOL, that’s fantastic. Damn girl, looks like you made some bitchy enemies here. Well, you always have all of your friends over at Ruminations.

  • MissChris

    I love that he’s flossing with it! If there’s more lace underneath he could use that as gutter guards..

  • reecedawg1

    This dude needs to get over the broad and move on with life.

  • tyrese clinkscale

    HEHE this guy is cool, cleaning his boots and flossing his teeth. What a champ 🙂

  • Joey

    I say move on but I respect your humor, use the thing as a bed sheet. You get me?

  • £BeN£

    Just shows how hurt he was.

  • Equalizer

    It shows that his really pissed off at his ex wife

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    this guy looks like ernie and probably got caught cornhusking bert and thats why she left him.

  • Nateb123

    Kind of a lame move by him. Obviously no one can speak to whether his ex wife is a huge bitch or if he’s to blame as well for the breakup but this just comes off as too bitter and not enough humour. His revenge should have been selling it to buy himself something awesome and then having a threesome later that week.

  • cat21


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