Defaced signs are nicer than defaced babies (19 photos)

  • sc0ob5

    Zombie attack!!
    Oh wait.. I mean, first!!


      Yay! now you can go back and continue searching for a life…

      what the f*$k nobody cares if you are first.

  • Hobbcore

    Pic #14 is not altered. It’s in Phx, Arizona.

    • CunningLinguist

      #2 isnt shopped….. its just phx az.

      • Pantis Mantis

        Actually it was in Austin TX. I live in Dallas and remember reading about it. It was on for like 4 hours before anybody said anything. Just goes to show you how much attention people pay to road signs.

  • poomaster

    number 16 is from church sign generator.

  • tom

    Reboot universe wins, i want to do the same thing in my town

  • petwookiee

    #11 – I love that song!

  • Equalizer

    #18 – Santa’s Pet got away

  • Kirbster


  • drainbrain

    #14 is some heavy SH*T

  • Tar

    Yes, #14 is not altered. Right off the freeway is the prison the about 5 miles down is a zoo and another 10 miles or so is the city of Surprise. I always get a laugh when I tell people I live in Surprise who are not from AZ.

  • Dom

    #11, love Electric Six

  • HellHathNoFury

    Funny. Usually, the trailer park comes before the zoo surprise, then prison.

    • ME

      I have driven by that sign I don’t know how many times on the way home from work/school and never really looked at it in that light. I am so proud to be an Arizonian (actual word?) right now! It’s actually close to the big Duncan Family Farms huge wooden toddler that is playing with a tractor. Ah, to be out in the desert again.

  • mattywestside

    But “easy to swallow” is a bad thing

  • radiodial

    Duh, everyone know that flying deer wings are on their shoulders, not their butt…

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