Hottest Anonymous girls online FOUND: #9 Maria Virginia Alvilez (19 photos)

Last month, theCHIVE posed a challenge to our users to find the identity and provide photos of 10 of the hottest anonymous online girls. View original post HERE. Thanks to you all, theCHIVE is able to reveal the identity of 8 of the 10 girls that we will be showcasing over the next couple weeks. Meet #9 on our list: Maria Virginia Alvilez.

Check out original Top 10 list list here!

  • Gildo

    Good, glad the other retarded comments got nixed. Girly is hot, too much kissy lips though…

    • Furthy

      When are we going to see #6 from the original post? Need to FAPFAPFAPFAPFAP

    • wild bill

      Amazing almost perfect body.. but shes got a small case of man-face.. Id still hit it

    • Imphisisis

      Way too high maintenance for me.

  • aleXTC


    • Concerned Chiver

      What's with the hate on this woman? If she came up to any of you dudes at a bar, you'd cream your pants within 5 seconds that she was even talking to you. I'd bang the sh*t out of this woman, and I don't feel the need to rip on her to make myself feel better about something that is never going to happen.

  • djplasta

    nice armpits

  • DrRockso

    She really likes taking pictures of herself

    • RubberDogTurds

      and in all the same poses. she must have taken retar dex

      • goaliematt

        Even the ones where she isn’t holding the camera look like she set the timer on the camera and then jumped into position just in time. What a solitary existence that stupid beautiful people lead………

  • garp

    ….her perfume: narcissist

    • HellHathNoFury

      There is a very popular perfume called Narcissa Rodriguez.

  • sensijoe

    she certainly likes to take pics of herself

  • OhsuzyQ

    why did the other comments were erased?? wtf is that , we cant say what we want to say anymore now?

    • Walt

      she's probably dating one of the guys.. how else would she be top 10. Bit too masculine looking, and I have this gut feeling that she talks with a lisp

  • Equalizer

    #12 – I envy that girl in the pool…

  • Tony

    I wouldn’t. She looks like she has a serious case of the duck-faced-narcissism

  • jinu

    hottest girl??? NEVER!

  • OhsuzyQ

    as someone said in a previous comment that got ERASED : “she is the basic definition of a butterface”
    definitely worth repeating it.
    totally agree

  • pickleman

    NOT HOT. Self absorbed, butter-faced twit. Sorry honey, even HOT girls look rediculous with duck lips. When totally average women like yourself do it because they THINK they look hot, it’s just sad.

  • Juan

    She shouldn’t be allowed to take off her sunglasses. Definitely looks better with them on!

  • NTFW

    getting fake tits is pretty much the best thing a girl can do… well, that’s what the chive has taught me 🙂

  • HoBoGuy


  • Mattythegooch

    Needs a $19.99 refund on that shitty titty job.

  • Maddog

    She is hot, but is that a toddler I see in #17!? I ain’t tryin to be nobody’s baby’s daddy

  • 99today

    I am shocked. This girl is Michael Jackson reincarnated. Run one of those face morph programs and it’s only about 3 or 4 steps until they match. Please tell me this was a joke. Seriously – I love u guys & this site, but I really think u blew it big time on this one. Sorry

    • Ryan

      I thought I was the only one. Pics 4-6 she’s a dead ringer for the dead singer. Gross.

  • Amurika

    mmmmmmmmmm……..look at all that yummy! 😎

  • HellHathNoFury

    She has a body to kill for!
    …but who to kill?

  • Anonymous

    Um, she looks a lot like Matthew Lawrence. D:

  • ozzie

    my guess is that she’s brazilian. i’d still hit it though.not a butterface, there’s definitely worse out there. we still have to find out who the “perfect body” girl is with the waves

  • Jones

    Brown bag special

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  • Ryan

    Michael Jackson?

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