Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • rwhite2366


    • confused

      I think it’s time for the chive to hide or remove comments that get 10 or more thumbs down

  • Pufffdragon

    Before all he could say was “Fail” and “Win”. Now he can add ” First” to the list. Societies best and brightest just made it to 1st place people.
    Congratulation Douche!

  • Chubby

    I really don’t get the point of #19. What the %$# is he doing there???

    • Great Odin's Raven !!!

      He’s holding together the fabric of space and time.

  • yoohooisntchocolatemilk

    fucking weather

  • patrick

    sara jean underwood

  • P-90

    #40 is great.


    What’s the hottest thing about #20?


    She’s a republican! HA! 😛

    *waits for political argument to begin*

    • HellHathNoFury

      Point one: Pro-life does not = republican
      Point two: I’m the only one allowed to start mobs here.
      Yes, it’s a rule.


        While point one is correct, it was an attempt to start a political argument, perhaps even *revolving around* said point, I suppose that directly conflicts with point two, which renders my point of view null. I raise my white flag in defeat in both the fact that I was not able to generate such a mob, and that I was smacked down because it was never my place in the first place.

        I’m sure some kind of metaphor could come into play, but it’s 1AM and I’m exhausted after working all day, going over to a friend’s house to hang out, coming home, cooking dinner for the fiance, then playing 3 hours of red dead redemption, so it’s impressive (to me) enough that I’m still typing coherent sentences; or are they?

        I’m trying to end on a question. Wha?

        See what I did there? Yuh?

  • koreanssmelllikedick

    stupid mexicans

  • RubberDogTurds

    Rafael’s been putting steroids in his pizza

  • Libertariandude

    #17… the self-absorbed Venezuelan girl everybody hates but me.

  • Puritania

    Dear Chive,

    Advertising on websites is one thing, but ads that have volume are fucking retarded. Nothing I love more than while listening to tunes have some shitty product yelling at me.

    • Dalakman

      I agree with Puritania

      We have to draw the line somewhere

  • yep

    Does ANYone know the name of the chick dressed as Raphael in the front on #38?
    If you know her name or how to find her lemme know, cuz im going to find her, take her on a trip to Rome, and wife her up. i will spend millions on u sweetheart, so just lemme know.

  • bell

    yeah so 35 is lucy pinder. bewbs. 🙂

  • infamous9

    I’ll take #6, and because I’m bad you’d better send those Ninja Turtles to get me….

  • Nameless

    40 = Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar, Allahuuuu wants to get the fuck out of here and hit the bar.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know where #17 is located?

    • HellHathNoFury

      In her car.
      I’m more concerned with 18, though.

  • Anonymous

    #36 might be Erin Drewes

    • Veg

      Lucy Pinder

  • kelleekat

    I want 39, the slide on the stairs!

  • booyah

    #6 OMG…Sara Jean Underwood is effing perfect.

  • Equalizer


  • bacon

    #48 has lovely feet.

  • escorte

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