Her names is Colleen Shannon but people call her the ‘World’s Hottest DJ’ (21 Photos)

  • DaddyD

    Wow. Puts all the "hottest college girl" candidates to shame.

    • terry

      sorry dude, hottest college girl is way hotter

      • Always Last

        This girl is a Playboy Playmate.

  • MissChris

    MY pick for hottest DJ is DJ Rap – a pioneer for women in the booth. And she is a stunner!

    • Always Last

      Samantha Ronson FTW!!! (Sarcasm implied and meant)

  • Gutterville

    A TIn chest and a pretty face

  • CoffeeAnyone

    And all completely natural!

    • http://rubberdogturds.wordpress.com RubberDogTurds

      i hope that’s sarcasm…
      guilty by association in #6

  • HellHathNoFury

    It’s unfair for someone to be that pretty.
    Also that they have shopped her face until it’s all soap-opera fuzzy when she’s naturally perfect!

    • tommybhoy

      Its God fucking with us…

    • Creepsareforkeeps

      Perfect? Not quite. She has some set of pearly whites on her. She could eat an apple through a letter box!

  • DonkeyBalls

    i think she’s a butterface, but what do I know.

    • Creepsareforkeeps

      Fuck all.

  • Matt

    This is it Chivers, I’m officially in Love!

  • ughh

    falsies on her chest and a plastic, boring face. why are so many boring girls considered hot?

  • Verbal Kint


  • top dog

    I always thought being “hot” was the total package. Yeah she got nice tits, and her face is so so, but what do her booty look like? HOT: 36/24/36, any thing else you are selling yourself short.

  • pookie

    In my experience, super hot girls are only good at one thing: being super hot. I seriously doubt her music is worth 2 shits and a giggle.

  • 88

    hot? more like fake.

  • Jones

    Yeah she’s hot, but is she any good?

  • stafferty

    I need to make a lot more money or deveolp a personality stat.

  • zdfsdgdf

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    • ChrisDG74

      Your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries.

  • WeirdGary

    I heard this girl is just an awful DJ.

    • Mattythegooch

      The few pics. of her actually “DJ’ing”….she looks like she hasn’t a fucking CLUE!!! I’d still impregnate her mouth.

  • Know

    not hot!!

  • http://www.heavy.com/action/2010/05/colleen-shannon-is-the-worlds-hottest-dj/ Colleen Shannon Is The World's Hottest DJ | Heavy.com

    […] Want more? Check out 21 more awesome photos of Colleen! […]

  • Amurika

    Well I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!

  • poppajo8

    Yep, she’s the hottest.

  • Anonymous

    Douchette come on people why do you need a douchebag next to her to see that

  • Chim Richalds

    Wow, another fuckin’ worthless DJ. This one comes with a retard grin.

  • aosux

    She’s not that impressive and its not like she plays lead guitar in a metal band or anything. I can spin and it was just a hobby as a teenager. Lame.

    • CustardFiend

      I attempted to listen to some of her stuff on youtube, however its just vids of her whoring around basically saying “im the worlds hottest DJ”, as such Im Inclined to agree, simply on the fact there is none of her stuff online, she has her own quote of worlds hottest DJ on her site and the fact that I have my own decks and its not particulary tough, but then I also am just a hobbyist DJ.

      Furthermore I rage at shit DJ’s and ones who are self proclaimed DJ’s with their laptops infront of them. Until I hear quality like Rossi B and Luca, I dont give a flying fuck how awesome your tits are or how hot you look, dont call yourself a DJ.

  • iamjohnhearmeroar

    Beautiful is when you wake up next to her and can still say shes attractive. This girl would probably fail the test, a lot of work goes into her looking that good

  • Russell

    She was a Playboy Playmate back in 2004. Amazing no one has mentioned that yet.

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