Tropical storm leaves unbelievable sinkhole in Guatemala (3 Photos)

Tropical Storm Agatha tore through Guatemala over the weekend, leaving a sinkhole in the middle of Guatemala City that swallowed up an entire intersection and a building, killing 3 people. The sinkhole is 60 feet wide and 30 stories deep.

  • Pat

    First… To say that is a Big Ass hole!

  • soskar

    How does that happen?

    • LiaMMV

      Probably the widening of an existing fissure in an underlying strata. The superficial sediment must have become waterlogged in the storm and lost it’s structural integrity. It is a remarkable sight. Quite puzzling.

      • Jimbo

        Man, pass that shit!

      • Matt

        hahaha LiaMMV what a way to use big words to make you sound smart. People the way sinkholes form is from cave systems. There must be a huge cave system right underneath the city. The storm must have completely flooded it, which weakened it, causing it to crumble.

    • chris

      all the oil that held it up emptied into the gulf.

      • Libertariandude

        Actually, in Latin American highlands is common for cities to be built atop ancient gorges and deep creeks, above huge fills. An excess of rain can cause the dirt to collapse. Almost the same thing happened in Quito, Ecuador, a couple of years ago, although fortunately in a park, with no victims.

    • Teo

      a jew lost a coin…I think…

  • garp

    …that is the scariest shit I’ve seen in a while, the abyss at the bottom is the worst

    • RubberDogTurds

      i read it’s 100 ft deep, don’t be a pu$$y ;D

      • someguy

        that’s what my ex-girlfriend used to say

  • JR

    Reminds me of the Octomom or Kate Gosselin.

    • Gross Greg

      …or Michelle Duggar. Somebody drop a pencil down this thing and we’ll have gone full-circle.

  • robin yates

    sink holes occur wherever there is limestone, water wears away and dissolves the stone, leaving , in some cases, huge caverns which do not show on the surface until there is very heavy rain and a sinkhole appears with horrific results sometimes.

  • CoffeeAnyone

    And what can they do about it now? They can’t fill it in….

    • Matt

      nope its permanent and i’m sure other sinkholes can form at other parts of the city too. they will probably have to send a team into the sinkhole to see if the underlying cave system is strong enough to support the rest of the city. maybe they will re-enforce the cave system somehow.

  • ChrisDG74

    While messing around on the googles yesterday, found a photoshop of this. They shopped in the movie 300, where dude gets kicked into the hole.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    It’s a trap!

  • Jorge

    This is GUATEMALA!!!!!

  • reecedawg


  • Gaetano proclo

    i want to see whats at the bottom.

    • Matt

      a now-filled-in cave system. nothing magic about sinkholes.

  • aosux

    Yeah, about your building. It fell into a huge hole. Have a nice day

    • youdummy

      I’m sorry, your policy doesn’t cover sinkholes. Have a nice day!

  • CoffeeAnyone

    God dropped some change.

  • HellRazer

    “That reminds me, tell your mother I said hey.”

  • nouu


  • JK

    Looks a little too perfect. I think I’ll search for more sources and pics.

    • damn

      try CNN dummy

  • SreyaNotfilc

    That must be shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

  • Nicnac

    2012 begins early…

  • HimAgain

    What do you want to bet they still can’t tell it from thier ass!

  • ken

    Now all the vertical cave enthusiasts will flock to the scene. Looks like that neighborhood could profit form the tourism.

    If I lived or worked in the surrounding buildings, I would be a little nervous.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I didn’t think this was real the first time I saw it. Let the memes begin.

  • Sayulita

    No; its not fake. If you ever visit Cancun a few miles around you can find what the locals call “cenotes”. The same kind of holes that appers when the ground collapses. Mayans use to throw virgins in there.

    • HellHathNoFury

      *typical HHNF rant to follow*
      ‘Virgins’. Riiight. Methinks they had been virgins until shortly before they got thrown in. Why else would it be imperative to mention, ‘oh, yeah, by the way, she’s a virgin’. *all men in village nod vigorously* Also that they missed a period or started showing.

  • Anonymous

    divided by zero

  • Kevinator

    Cover it up before the romulins drop the red matter!!!

  • saraheleanor17

    It looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie but less colorful

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