This chick claims she was fired for being too hot. Is she? (20 Photos)

Meet Debrahlee Lorenzana. She's currently suing Citibank for a very strange reason: She says she was fired for being too hot. She's 5'5'', 125 pounds of Latin fire. Her bosses say she was fired for sucking at her job but Debrahlee tells a different story. She says her bosses told her, "as a result of the shape of her figure, such clothes were purportedly 'too distracting' for her male colleagues and supervisors to bear." Full story here.

Photos via the great Village Voice.

Photo Credits: Carrie Schechter and the office of Jack Tuckner, one of the best employment lawyers in all the land.

  • tom

    my penis is telling me she's fired

    • RubberDogTurds

      your penis is a dick!

      • moseph

        Your face is a dick!

  • grant

    thumb me up if you think she’s hot. thumb down if not.

    • Yeahsure

      You’re a gimp

    • LT in Long Beach

      She’s rediculous.
      Another example of egotistical banking arena taking advantage of the little guy – how so – think about it – these banks are run by me first individuals and she is just a shining example of one of these people at a lower level (can’t be my job performance, must be jealousy, give me a break) which, can you imagine how egotistical her supervisors are and so on up the line? Scary indeed.
      Speak’a to NY as well, she’s not that hot, come out here to California, she would be passed right by and would not even be worth a second look.

      • Matt

        i saw this on the news last night. she and her lawyer claims she was given work that she couldn’t complete, after they told her she couldn’t wear the type of things she was wearing, which was turtle necks and business suits (not anything revealing). They upped her work load after this, which allows them to now “claim” they fired her because of poor work performance.

        I hope she gets a ton of money out of Citibank from this.

    • vitus


      • CunningLinguist

        LT in longbeach, dude, i agree, im in germany, and the average woman on the street is 10 times more smoking than this chick, besides, shes over the hill easily, and i bet this is all a money stunt—shes probably got fuck tons of debt, and what better way to clear that up than fuck over a bank on a fraudulant lame sexual harrassment charge? seriously people…. this kind of shit doesnt just happen.

        • UrDumb

          So they told her to stop wearing the hooker heels and skin tight skirts and now they are the bad guys? This bitch looks like a lazy ho to me. Also since when does a company have to have a valid reason to terminate you. Oh its NY that explains it. The place I live is a right to work state and they can fire you without cause.

        • mana

          erm, no way, 30 years of Germany, the women are mostly ugly. I don’t know what phantasy world you live in but she sure is hotter than the average German woman

    • Thor

      I’d drop the Hammer

    • Silent_Rage

      She probably blew one of the board members and got too clingy. PEACE BITCH! DON’T NEED NO DRAMA!

      • loud rage

        yo, SILENT RAGE, you must be jealous for not getting to blow everyone in these comments, you little bitch

  • HellHathNoFury

    If she were ugly as hell and dressed like that, no one would give a damn. But she could probably make more money as a model, even though she’s a MILF. how convenient for her.

    • Yeahsure

      Im sensing some bitterness vince! I would personally be very distracted by her,but some distractions are good distractions

      • HellHathNoFury

        Strange, if I were a guy, you wouldn’t say that. It’s true. Does anyone’s wife or other female co-workers get worked up about the ugly chick in the office? No. But if you’re hot, you can definitely be discriminated against. She’s hot enough to get a better job somewhere else, and it seems that she’s smart enough to have a banking job, but she could be a model.

        • Yeahsure


          • HellHathNoFury

            The Tick!

            • aosux

              It doesn’t take much to get a bank job…customer service experience is all

        • me

          I work with model/ad agencies and she would not get a lot of work
          1) shes not skinny/tall proportioned to be a fashion model
          2)shes not fat/cute enough to be plus model.
          she could get basic catalog work etc but definitely not hot/cute or have ‘THE LOOK’ that one will be WORKING a lot….On the positive side she probably get into acting though…

        • BigE

          She’s Not that hot!! She probably shook her wares in front of some guys trying to get them to do her work, and when that failed and they told her to cover up she was embarrased and sued.

          • UrDumb

            You do not have to be any smarter than a cashier at the drive through to work at a bank. She was probably a teller. Low paying job that young women get suckered into doing.

        • `

          Agree. Read her story yesterday. If she’s being accurate, she was doing a job and doing it well, her performance proved that. She was moved around and demoted and harassed. Not cool. She is very attractive. In several of the shots, very, very attractive, others due to poor posing, not so. Great legs, pretty face, lovely tush. Talent, hard worker, dedication. Sounds like she’s got a legitimate gripe, in fact, several. Hope it goes in her favor. The facts seem to support her. I do not think she’s a whiner. Just someone who wants to work and look good while she does. And it sounds like a double standard in the work environments she was in. I would definitely notice her. Often. If I didn’t, I’d be in deep trouble. It would be time to drink the hemlock.

  • JustInCase

    she’s a LIAR
    i didn’t fire her.. why would i?

  • aosux

    Maybe she was fired for not doin her job, and by “job” I mean “boss” and by “boss” I mean “me”

  • Mustafa_Beer

    After looking at the pics, I feel that this needs further review… Please have her report to my office for multiple tests. PS… Hold my calls.

  • yes please

    i think every office should have one of her… it would definitely get me through the day easier.

  • mj

    my question is how and why did she get all the office pictures? And why does she already have model shots?

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I was thinking, she probably got caught taking all these damn pictures of herself in the office (or someone else took them) and got fired for it. There isn’t one picture here (in the office) where it looks as though the pictures weren’t staged.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        check out the clock in #16. Approximately 3:30. You know that’s not AM. bitch should have been working at that time.

      • Anon

        I think most of these pics were taken at a magazine shoot – after the story came out. From memory, I think she posed for some pics for the magazine in her actual work clothes, to prove they weren't slutty or whatever

  • Travis

    She’s hot, but not to the point of distraction. There are prettier women at several of the local banks. I drive through as often as I can 🙂

    • D

      Agreed. Not all THAT hot. She probably got caught banging herself with a stapler, and was fired for abusing company property.

    • Anonymous

      She definitely qualifies as “Office Hot” and she’s hotter than those working at my local Citibank.

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Very true. If I had just looked at her without knowing the situation I’d say she’s hot, but her being a total bitch and suing her company for being fired for ‘being a distraction’ is bullshit. It makes her less hot. She’s not hot
      enough to be that much of a distraction. Maybe if she put as much effort into her fucking job as she did in getting dresses and modeling her business attire she wouldn’t have been fired. Think about it, citibank is a huge corporation, do you really think they would actually tell her that’s the reason for her being let go? Of course not. That’s just begging for a lawsuit.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        Dressed* Grrr autocorrect

  • DysfunctionJunction

    She is hot but not that HOT!!

  • Joeyk

    She’s got some crazy curves going on. I dig that.
    Whats that boss? You need me work late with her?…well i suppose i could do that…

  • Anonymous

    I’d make a deposit… in her bank…

    • krisb

      Damn it, you just stole my “make a deposit” joke.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Better than my jokes
        She can raise my interest any day!
        But as long as your deposits don’t multiply, you’re good.
        She might send you a NSF notice, though.

        • krisb

          Easy to make a deposit but difficult to make a withdrawal.

  • Anonymous

    She is hot but not hot enough that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Looks like they work in a really nice bank, I’m sure they get girls that look twice as good as her in there pretty often. Bottom line is she is nothing extraordinarily special, and definitely not “too hot”. Now if she was Salma Hayek, I wouldn’t get much done.

  • damn

    I have a job for her.

  • Pants

    Yep, she’s hot.

  • Daz

    I’d hit that.

  • booyah

    hot or not, does she think she is in a commercial when she is at work? keep it real babe…douche posers get fired first, male or female.

  • T

    She’s incredibly hot but the boss who fired her, SHE is probably not…or HE is a bonafide queer.

  • sfmountainbiker

    While hot, there are way hotter women that work in the banking industry and don’t get fired for it. Was she discriminated against for her looks? Probably. Was the quality of her work unsatisfactory? Probably. I’d bet she was fired for the quality of her work, but she’s too egotistical/vain to even contemplate it was because of something other than her appearance. She will be exposed in court, but will end up taking a settlement (which is all she really wanted in the first place) instead of defending women’s workplace rights .

  • Anonymous

    if that was the truth she could sue the company easily. i say she just sucks at her job. sure i cant keep a job because im too hot….yeahh….whatever

  • HardCore Mike

    Her office attire does not seem over the top… perhaps she is unqualified or her co-workers are so NOT in control of their libido’s they truly can’t handle it! LOL

  • southbaybuckeye

    think she got canned for not swallowing. when will bitched learn?!?!

  • BigDingo

    Her lawyer must be an idiot. These glamour shots are a retarded way to try to garner public interest and are damaging.

  • Anonymous

    HHNF will you take my deposit?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Non Sufficient Flirting
      I’m charging you for that.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Back off, she’s mine. Anyone can tell that we’re in love! So do not make me kill you with a popsicle stick. Believe me, it’s possible. My dad’s MacGyver.

      • MadFistsWillie

        Popsicle stick? You gonna kill him with a lame joke?

        • HeartUnderTheRose

          Never said it wasn’t a lame joke. Besides, I didn’t ask you. So thank you, goodbye.

  • bigslippy

    I think she should’ve been fired for bringing a photographer to work with her everyday

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