Keyboard art just because (17 Photos)

  • TripleNipple

    i guess staying up this late does have its benefits………………..!TRSIF

  • jeff in Australia

    Apart from art, what is #8..?

    • Anonymous

      BMX handles

    • Vonshine

      BMX handles

      • Clickawhat

        #8 = Handlebar grips

        • jeff in Australia

          Thank you all above… Amazing how a mystery becomes so obvious when it is no longer a mystery.. I salute your eyes..!
          And, for the first time I have used the silly thumbs, one each UP for you.

    • nathanexp

      grips for a bike

  • Chris

    Do you think the keyboard pillow is waterproof. You know…in case i’m watching a movie and I spill a drink? I’ve ruined a few keyboards that way. Why wont you beleive me!!

    • CunningLinguist

      those are grips for bike handlebars. theyre actually real grips, not artwork.

    • Rusty

      Just get a Logitech G15. It’s water resistant and even has drains in the bottom of it. I’ve had mine since about 2006 and have put damn near a fifth of Jack through it in that time, during rage-filled gaming sessions. 😀

    • Jesepi

      i have one of those keyboard and yeah they are water proof. 😀
      horrible keyboards though. eww. buttons are all hard to press when it isn't in somthing solid

  • Equalizer

    Love that last picture

  • itkonlyyou101s

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  • leon

    i have some ants on my keyboard right now 😮 pobably one day when i wake up, it will be like #14 jaja

  • Anonymous

    i think we can safely say #8 are handle grips for a bike now… Only 1000 people said it. Kind of annoying.

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