If movies were made with their original cast (18 photos)

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone hate keanu reeves? i think hes great also i think youll find it was supposed to be Lance Henriksen who was going to play the terminator thats who it was written for, james cameron wanted a small unimposing man to play the terminator, he still has a small part in the movie though

    • Obvious Guy

      People hate Keanu because he is a terrible actor.

      Seriously, he is really, really, really bad at acting. Um, I can’t even compare his badness to anything else because it’s that special.

  • Anonymous

    Will? I’m tire of that smart ass black shit. Blacks only like movies with black people in them. Only listen to music sang by black people. They’re pathetic.

  • P-90

    I read that Ray Winstone auditioned for a part in the original Star Wars, how cool would that have been.

  • stophatin

    stop hatin on keanu. he’s a badass.

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  • dave

    Toshiro Mifune would've been awesome in Star Wars, no offense to Alec Guiness.

  • charlie

    Don't forget Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones

  • Rudi

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