A tender Katy Perry moment (13 Photos)

  • Cynikill

    What I can't tell is whether or not she knew that was "coming"…

    • ToTheMoon!

      The Hulk? You're talking about the Hulk, right?

  • paker stevens

    she really took a direct load hit.

    • Yates

      it looks something you would see in japanese porn. not that I would know……

    • FartFace

      they totally need white slime. you know, for those filthy pervs……

  • Douche Nozzle

    First again Bitches!! Nobody can stop me.

    • Anonymous

      except apparently Paker Stevens,lol

    • Anonymous

      let’s make a deal, douche nozzle

      you teach me how to be a total douchebag and I’ll tell you what the inside of a vagina looks like

      • Sauru

        It is nice to see that your life’s ambition is to be first on a forum

        • Matt

          It’s also nice to see him failing miserably at his ambition

          • Douche Nozzel

            Dude! I’m a Douche Nozzel. the inside of a vagina looks like chewed up roast beef……smells like a tuna melt

            • Anonymous

              Your moms vag doesn’t count

  • thetech2

    oh I would slime the hell outta her ,I wanna be the first in line for that

  • gabe

    for some reason I can’t stop looking at this

  • P Diddily

    What’s the deal with her eyes in #10?? It looks like she has two sets of eyelids.

  • Anonymous

    I still can’t believe that fine woman is with the douche she is engaged to! That guy is a loser, and he plays the same sick fuck in every movie and apparently plays the same guy in real life.

    Sorry for the rant, it’s her decision not mine.

  • FightingCorsair

    At least she was wearing a plastic dress. Should be easy to clean.

    • http://linkmunki.blogspot.com LinkMünki

      If i had to clean her though, i might take quite a bit of time doing so!

  • Gibby

    Man she took that like a pro!
    I like how the Olsen Twins mouth instinctivley opens when goo is flying towards their faces.

  • Jimbo

    #12 Where do I sign up to be the towel guy?

  • petwookiee

    Damnit Shrek! Not again!

  • ydw505

    that was sticky

  • top dog

    Talk about taking the full brunt, I was about to comment about the way she was dressed until I scrolled futher down and saw why. What do you call that, a green spuge pie? I’am just curious, she look like a nice looking young lady.

  • Jonas

    “Will you go down on me?”

    • Katy

      “I don’t know”

      • Nickelodeon

        “You Can’t Do That On Television, Bitch”

        • Barf

          Don’t encourage your mother.

  • stafferty

    Jonah Hill could not look more akward.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Jonah not Jonas but you get the idea

  • bigBLACKguy

    that’s a BLACK MANS’ load! none of youz can match it. don’t be jealous. i love white woman with big hooters. once u go black, u never go bak!

    • Anonymous

      That’s pretty sick man, you blow a green load? How’s the hookers and Gonosyphilitis with a side if AIDs treatin you?! Nasty fucker.

  • Apexs

    Photoshop anyone?

  • Equalizer

    Katy Perry, Yummy….

  • Jim

    I’s spaf all over her minge, believe.

  • Trickey

    Why didnt the fat kid get it? I know its hotter that katy has green goo all over her. I love the close up shot of her gasping, god shes hot. wow

  • Pres Obama

    She may look beautiful on the outside, but I’ve heard her interviewed and she’s not that beautiful on the inside.

    • ROR

      Whoopdy-shit. I can’t fap to a fucking personality.

  • Eric

    Looks like the Hulk gave her a facial.

  • norm

    Bitch is getting a lotta mileage outta that one lame song of hers, I’ll give her that much.

    • huh

      I think getting spooged on at the Nickelodeon awards is pretty much the end of the line.

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