Her name is Jenn Sterger…that is all (20 Photos)

This former Florida State grad was discovered at a college Football game as just being way hotter than every other woman. She soon became a model, a television personality, and a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. In August 2008, the New York Jets hired her to be the “Gameday” Host. More importantly, I think she is awesome.

  • kp

    I think #2 is the best !!!

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    • MD60

      11 and 16 are my favorites

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    It’s me or this chick have many faces?

  • ReapingTheWeak

    They’re like the perfect handful.

  • Yates

    They are fake. that is all.

  • Nicnac

    Her name is Jenn Sterger… and She is a Butterface

    oh, and the editorial text about her being 'way hotter than every other woman'… yah, no.

    • MichaelGS

      i think they were implying that she was way hotter than the other women at that one game. It only really has any validity if you know how many other women were at the game. For all we know it was a slow game and only 4 people showed up, on of whom was SJP. I think shes hot even with fake tits.

      The truth is: The choice between fake or real tits is like the choice between coke and pepsi. We may state a preference but, honestly, we’ll take whatever’s on tap.

  • Paßt scho

    some random chick with fake boobs. great.

  • ydw505

    #13 i always thought Florida was mountainous until this moment 😉

  • signal

    kinda butteface-y, isn’t she?

    • Shapiro

      dude, what’s a butteface? is that, like, something between a butterface and a buttface or what?

      • nemesis

        Butte: a conspicuous isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top.

        Does that make The Fresh Prince of Bel Air a Butteface?

      • Greg

        A butterface is a girl who has a hot body but has a terrible face. So she has everything “but-her-face”. Get it?

        • GLOO

          No shit, Sherlock.

        • garp

          …this is what happens when you come to class late Greg

          • NOUU

            butterface? are you fucking stupid? oh wait you must be. she is waaaaay hotter than thos asian ladyboys all you fucking anima fanboys are in love with.

            • wild bill

              your moms an asian ladyboy

  • John Belushi

    i think his “R” button on the keyboard might be broken… then again, maybe not.
    by the way, John Belushi ——>

    • Midget Fonda


      • Nateb123

        Fun fact: two people rated Midget Fonda down which must mean they think John Belushi looks like Bill Murray. Huge fail.

  • tyra

    Ho-hum, a self-promoting, plastic tittied whore. A dime-a-dozen.

    • Roscoe

      I’d gladly take a dozen just like her for a dime!!! Giddy up!!

  • Spocker

    Anyone else thinks she reminds you of Jennifer Love Hewitt?

    • PootedWhileITypedThis

      My sentiments exactly.

  • GAboy

    HOT. #3 is my favorite. Only because I am a baseball player, and seeing hot woemen in baseball jerseys is just fucking hot.

  • widelec

    I like the ones on widelec dot org a lot better

    • aosux

      Then go there you dumb fuckin fuck…fuck

  • Kosmo Kramer

    I don’t care if ur hot and u have big fake ones, pick a fuckin’ team you bitch. Her lack of sports loyalty totally turns me off.

  • randomhero1218

    I’m pretty sure she had her implants removed. And she’s on a show called The Daily Line on Versus for anyone who cares.

  • Anonymous

    The girl on the right of pic 15 is wayyyyyy hotter.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to do pron or GTFO

  • ozzie

    yes she looks like jennifer love hewitt. Random chicks with big boobs, fake or not = hot. and more importantly, yes she needs to do pron. I’d put it right in her butt and pretend she’s HHNF….that is all

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’d bite your head off and pretend you’re a bat, ozzie.

      • Jon without the h

        Ah HHNF, it’s witty comments like this that make you so loveable. Keep up the good work.

  • mj

    she looks different in every picture. If her boobs were real it would make up for the face. Not to say she’s ugly by any means, but theCHIVE has set higher standards.

    I do like #2 and #4.

  • aosux

    I’m over this chick already. Next please

  • dvd

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  • Anonymous

    At least she realizes her only talent is her boobs.

  • Weird Gary

    Is she balding? Is her cap peeling?

  • aleXTC

    i like 8 and 11 the best

  • DJwillflo

    Gross boob job.

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