Miranda Kerr is in your living room (26 HQ photos)

  • texwatson

    I’d do an Army crawl to that baby cave anytime.

  • Leo

    What other beautiful babies should we feature in HQ?

    • suckaduck

      Keely Hazel or Lucy Pinder

    • DoubleOhSeven

      Alessandra Ambrosio. That woman is beyond exquisite. This will also continue the trend of Angels

    • isawoj

      Adriana Lima
      Gemma Atkinson

      • Dacul

        Catrinel Menghia.

    • Anonymous

      laetitia casta

    • Tyler Layman

      Your mom. No jk

      Amber Heard
      Lyndsy Fonseca
      Mandy Moore

    • Matt

      Of Course … Marisa Miller. And new fav – Holly Weber.

    • Raf

      Tammin Sursok

    • Mark

      how bout cameron diaz?

      • Jon without the h

        Agreed on Adriana Lima…she was my first thought. Others I thought of:
        Jenna Fischer
        Kaley Cuoco
        Mila Kunis
        Amy Adams
        Isla Fisher

    • alicia

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  • Furthy


  • Rusty

    #8…..now even the professionals are doing duckface?!?!?!

    • osborl12

      She’s kissing the camera, not sticking her lips out as far as possible.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    I take her, thanks

  • aosux

    She looks amazing OFF the runway

  • TexWatson

    #3 Major ninja boot.

    • Anonymous

      Easy question, there, Leo… A L L O F T H E M!!! oh…pleeeze

    • forge

      Also #3, mouthwatering itty-bitty cute supermodel cameltoe.

  • Jeffrey Kuhn

    Easy question, there Leo… feature A L L O F T H E M !!! oh… pleeze

  • goposaur

    My GF isn’t that hot yet she’s better looking than Miranda. She looks kind of dopey.

    • http://rachehe.wordpress.com rachehe

      bet your gf is pleased that you don’t find her that hot

      • MichaelGS

        You mind if I find you hot? 😉

  • Roscoe

    Is it just me? I find the casual, non-posed pictures so much more attractive. #23, giddy up!!

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Beautiful girl of course. I bet she has an amazing personality. I envy Orlando Bloom.

    • Stefan Hartman

      I know, her and Orlando Bloom get to have hot lesbian sex…jealous…

  • TexWatson

    #4 armpit sweat or upper side boob sweat?

    • TEX

      It’s tiny droplets of water, and they are all over her body. Come on man, it’s High Res pay attention to this beauty.

      • TexWatson

        What? #4 her pit has a lake. Not that I give a shit just pointing it out. She doesn’t have any other water on her body.
        Regardless I would drink her toilet water.

    • forge

      Who cares? It’s Miranda Kerr sweat so it’s automatically the most awesome sweat ever sweated.

  • ohmai

    i think i just be came a lesbian! hawt!!!

  • Equalizer

    Thanks chive, now I can’t hide this large pictures at work

  • bob


  • FartFace

    you know, now that i’m married i get really excited when my wife’s VS catalog comes in the mail and i get it before she gets home.. before i was married i could give a crap less about Victoria’s Secret.

  • thetech2

    hey John look at the fucking camel……oh hi miranda this is my friends John and Leo yeah they think your hot go ahead get your self some refreshments from the bar while we drool over your exquisite photos …..toe

  • HellHathNoFury

    She is so much prettier without makeup on. Lucky.

  • The Dude

    Something about #19 just gives me a boner.

  • top dog

    She got a pretty face but, Damn she’s skinny as hell!! I mean I would still bone her, but I’d havta take it easy on her, I’d be too scared I’d break her hipps if I hit it too hard.

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  • sippinator

    Can I touch it?

  • Aklaim

    #3 Camel toe FTW!

  • Anonymous

    loving the new HG gallery , AWESOME hunnies , keep it coming

  • dt520

    Nom nom nom… that chick is juicy in just the right places.

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