Chicks with cameras, man (34 Photos)

  • ted

    ” just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”

    • Lloyd

      We’ll TAKE IT

    • Robbo

      Well said Ted, well said.

      • Ranger Danger

        I approve this message.

  • aosux

    OK, everyone. Say “sleeeeze”

  • Dave sullivan

    This is why the chive is one of the best sites ever created.

  • Matt

    Nice save

  • Guy

    This is my ‘first” time to comment…. Blah.

  • CunningLinguist

    holy fuck those last two are hot…. can we have some more pics of chicks like the last one? somethin about those unbuttoned jeans.

    • dave

      yes, t-shirt and unbuttoned jeans=hot

      • hMMMM

        Yes – especially when the girl wearing them is 13 years-old. WTF!?!?!? FAIL, YOU JERKS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to thank the iPhone for this post.

  • aosux

    I’m diggin just the shirt in 31

  • metalcool36

    We forgive you chive! But about #28,,, How is her ass doing that, its clearly defying gravity!!! I must due some calculations because my brain does not compute

  • McAwesome

    And we shall pray to Saint John

  • Slim

    This gallery sucked, and then it didn’t. Thank you John. And thank you #28 for having the decency not to wear pants.

  • Gary

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  • Blip

    BTW, your Vaseline lube ads are insanely intrusive. I mean WTF Chive? Pop-ups?

  • meh

    #28 and a #27 to go plz. > seinfeld

  • Mustafa_Beer

    #23 should be in alot of posts

  • youdummy

    At first I was like “eh, #1 and #7”. And then I was like “Oh-holy #27!”

  • Jason

    ❤ Chive from Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq. You guys make this deployment go soooooooooooo much faster! 🙂

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  • Stefan Hartman

    anyone else see that pussy in #29?!?!?!?1

    • GrannY DanGer

      Thats a butt flap

  • Anonymous

    #24 and on are excellent but I would also like to say that #7 has great posture!

  • hardman

    any ideas who # 30 is OMG hahah wow im laughing because this has to be a dream l

  • Mr. Poland

    28 and 31 are from the old viral site “”… although that doesn’t change the fact that “Ashley” (and all the others) are really… attractive.

  • verbal kint

    I know 7 is supposed to be lame, but I just don’t see it that way.

  • NoUse4aName

    #21 is that your camera….or are you just happy to see me!

  • hoovus

    I didn’t think the first half was that lame there were some pretty good lookin’ gals in there.

    That aside, thank you for putting the last half up anyways.

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