I can’t think of a better way to use 600,000 CDs (7 photos)

  • Anonymous

    What the hell for?

    • top dog

      Or better yet, what the hell is it??

  • Vihni

    “Right boys, we’ve got 7 cool photos, now to pick them all up again!”
    Why the hell would you do this??

  • muscledrifter

    What else were they going to do with all those un-sold ricky martin albums?

  • cytheriaoscar

    !!!! “[matchˉrich .Cˉ0M]],(remove’ˉ’),,,,,,,,The best club for seeking and dating with the rich singles, sexy beauties and even hot celebs…..

  • Sanjeezy

    Sooooo is this what Heidi Montag and K-Fed did with all the CDs they couldn’t sell?

  • Durant

    Is that perchance The Chive’s collection of AOL cd’s?

  • Mr Mobius

    They could at least have made interesting images from it. A wavy pathway? Why?

  • wat

    it’s pretty in the sunlight, but it’s probably blinding if you’re actually walking down the path.

  • stafferty

    Oil right now is $76 a barrel and this is how we use it (For the few who don’t know, CDs are petroleum based). It looks cool but seems like a waste, especially when they all are most likely going to all get thrown out.

  • Pufffdragon

    Pointless yes. But nowhere near as much as the tards who say “First”.

  • Stefan Hartman

    Can’t do that with Digital Media!

  • Clint

    I predict blinded pilots, followed by a chance of crashing planes.

  • dongtacular

    I would guess that hundreds of thousands of CDs get thrown out every day, all the useless demo CDs included in magazines, yearly software updates, any CDs with irrepairable scratches, and all those mix CDs I made for my ex-girlfriend.

    At least this makes them look nice before the head off to the landfill.

    Dave Chappelle ———————————————————–>

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