• parker

    i’m off to buy a lego set and trick the shit out of my kid

  • imdbsux

    that’s pretty fucking cool

  • dave sullivan

    i can’t believe that’s not shopped

    • Dweeb

      Not shopped. Look closely.

  • francois

    a penrose triangle, you get me every time

  • cali

    i can’t stop staring

  • Nate

    Easy. It’s all about camera angle.

    • Gonzobot

      If its so easy, then why does my head hurt to look at it?

      Seriously, I can’t even comprehend how the bricks are arranged to achieve the effect. I’m almost certain the shadow is shooped, just to make it more harder to rationalize the whole thing.

    • Mike

      DUH! But it’s also about being creative enough to come up with the idea. Kind of like when people say “EASY! It’s just a little square piece of paper with some sticky adhesive on the back”. But lets see you come up with an invention as good as Post-It notes.

  • drew

    its an illusion. its the angle the photo was taken at. the two sides with the prongs showing are laying on the table while the smooth side is standing vertically, just at the right angle so that it would appear as though they are connected.

  • Rick

    You need to start thinking with PORTALs.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the shadow, the end closest to us slopes down.

  • Photographer

    The Shadow gives it away.. next time use a light box!

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  • Max

    That’s sad. I’ve seen this stuff on 4chan a lot before. People have already done it. It’s not really ‘new’.

  • Anthraxprincess

    This makes my brain angry.

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