This chick just got $750 million richer (32 Photos)

Elin Nordegren just got paid, boy. As part of the deal, Tiger Woods is also banned from letting girlfriends near his kids. That's right, he can't bring a single girl around his kids unless he marries her. Oh, and then there's the $750 million dollars (I had earlier said $75 million on accident), the largest celebrity divorce settlement in earth's history. Today theCHIVE solutes you, Elin 'Moneybags' Nordegren.

  • Anonymous

    750 million

    • Furthy

      You guy also misspelled “salute.” This is a pretty FAIL post.

      • Floopa_Joopa

        I’m sure we’re all grateful that you found this typo and statistical error.
        Now STFU and enjoy the photos.

    • toilet paper

      Chive’s prolly closer with the $75M. According to Forbe’s, he’s only worth $600M. It’s just an outlandish figure they’ve been throwing around for shits and gigs. Forbe’s calls bullshit.

      • Cheez

        The family and publishing company is known as Forbes, my dear Watson. Forbes. Toilet paper to bullshit, toilet paper to bullshit, over.

    • Mike

      Without a doubt, Elin is the most expensive hooker to ever live.

  • Anonymous

    750 million…….

  • john

    believe it or not its 750M

  • P Diddily

    It was $750,000,000 wasn’t it? I believe in exchange for her silence and the agreement that she can never write a tell-all book or do any interviews even after Tiger’s death.

  • Rusty

    You fail, Chive.

    750 million, not 75.



    Jesus fucking christ.

    • Crazy Cajun

      Don’t any of you know how to read??!!! the heading of the post clearly says “750 million”. So it’s all of you who fail.

      • forge

        It was edited after the fact, you dingleberry.

  • Anonymous

    its $750 million, not $75

    • winston002

      wait a second, so you guys are saying its not $75,000,000 but instead its $750,000,000, are you sure? cause you guys could have copied that number from izismile. you guys should credit the site that you got your information from.

      • forge

        And izismile copied it from somewhere else, and so on and so on, are you EVER GOING TO GET OVER THIS AND SHUT UP.

  • Stefan Hartman

    I skipped all the images to come down and correct Chive on their typo…guess I’m to late…DAMN IT! Ok, time to go up and pull my pudd!

    • Doc

      TOO late, not to late…

    • Crazy Cajun

      yep may as well, cause there was no typo to correct them on

  • SaintxXxAsh

    The only comments you’ll get all day will be a correction of the amount, chive. That being said, elin = drop dead gorgeous. But I’ve never heard her speak, and she is from Sweden, so for all I know she could have some crazy accent that just tones the hottness down a few notches.

    • stafferty


    • zym

      xXx, let me explain the mens….

      A chick only get hotter with a foreign accent. Take an average lass, have her speaking the english, still average. Talking the french….yowza.

      Hope this helps.

      • wickedjack

        i personally think german and russian are particularly hot accents

    • Merica

      Elin is totally hot. Tiger definitely screwed himself with those whores.

    • Casper

      @SaintxXxAsh: Swedish is pretty hot so don’t you worry 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Elin does have a nice set of money bags…..

  • maynard

    It’s mind boggling! Just the fact he has $750 milion laying around to shell out ! Boy that was some expensive pieces of ass….

  • Stafferty

    #32 She lists her dream car as a porche (Good car, but dream car, you are aiming way too low. You can get them used for $15K in good condition), Her favorite celebraty is Britney Spears (there is no words to describe the epicness of the FAIL) and her political hero is Ralph Nader (Has he ever even won an election?!? That means he is not even a politician yet)

    I am seriously suggesting we revoke her right to free speech. Her opening her mouth to speak should be considered terrorism against the inteligence of future generations.

    • Anonymous


  • loopard

    Id hit her, and her millions. yeah, mainly the millions.

  • Donkeyballs

    I think it was 7.5 million!!!!

  • DoubleOhSeven

    He was rich before her and he’ll be rich without her. She had nothing to do with the money he made. However, because they got married and she provided him with kids, she gets $750 million. There are many lessons to be learned here. 1) Wedding vows have deep meaning and should be some of the most important words that come out of your mouth, so don’t be stupid and cheat. It’s not worth it. 2) Sign a prenup. If you are going to be an idiot at least make sure you can’t be forced to pay for it. Tiger could have saved himself half of that with a prenup. Cheating is one of the worst things a person can do to someone the care about. What’s the point?

    • asdfasdfasdf

      I heard she DID have a prenup and only got 13 million but considering the circumstances of the whole situation, she made out like a banshee anyway.

      • DoubleOhSeven

        I think it has something to do with Florida being a “no fault” state.

  • Brad

    Tiger’s a dumbass.

  • Sauru

    yeah she is the type of girl every man would cheat up. what a fucking idiot

    • Sauru


  • The Truth Hurts!!

    She won’t get $750 million….wake up people!!!
    He doesn’t even have that much to give her!
    Plus he has a prenup that he could hold her to if he wanted to.
    He’s not going to give her every dime he’s ever made.
    Just because it’s reported on the internet doesn’t make it the truth!!

    • zym

      Bullshit. The internet is completely true! I made millions helping a nice Nigerian man move his money. Reply if you want in on this fantastic opportunity!!

      • wickedjack

        helping a rich Nigerian!?!? how can i lose!!?!! i haven’t seen a better deal since Chase sent me a free credit card!!!

    • P Diddily

      The reason it is so much is because she is basically signing a lifetime non-disclosure agreement. In return for never doing any interviews or writing any books he is paying a shitload of money.

  • Slim

    It would have been cheaper to keep her.

  • False

    Truth … Read a newspaper idiot… hes got plenty of money to give away so he can keep porking waitresses

  • Anonymous

    can we all agree tiger is a fucking retard for cheating on that babe with those skanks?

  • Dr Rockso

    She may be hot but doesn’t know how to please a man in the bedroom. I’d take an average chick that’s really good in bed over a rediculously hot dead fish.

  • Anonymous

    I think its $750 Billion
    And she is now sleeping with Dr. Evil.

  • meh

    Me thinks that is some sort of tax write off right?

  • Phreaky

    *sigh* first of all Chive, it was supposed to be $750 million, not $75.
    And even that was totally wrong. TMZ says it is no where near that amount even though that is what was constantly reported.
    So… double error?

  • Phreaky

    Maybe with the money she does get she can by a personality to replace the wet mop one she has now.

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