This Russian spy makes espionage sexy again (18 Photos)

One of the ten spies recently arrested for passing secrets to the Russians is a total femme fatale. Anna Chapman is accused of espionage for Russian intelligence service: the SVR. She has a masters degree in economics, a lavish apartment in financial district of NY, and owns a successful online international real estate agency. She's also gonna spend the rest of her life in prison which is a total waste of tail. I'll volunteer for any conjugal visits Anna needs. I'll do it for my country!

  • Gibby

    In the FIRST one she looks like a dog!

    • edcedc

      you are gay

      • Gibby

        Get in your El Camino and get the fuck outta here!
        You mean to say you think that her ugly ass nose in the picture on the left is hot?!

    • bewbees

      i would chase her moose and squirrel

  • chris

    Meh, I’ve seen better.

    • mopery

      Of course we’ve all seen better.. you dickshit. But under the circumstances, she’s a babe.

      • chris


    • Malachi Constant

      You would fall to your knees and beg her to spit on you after she utters one word with that SEXY-AS-HELL accent!

      • chris

        She’s sexy if you’re into his daughter ——————->

  • 2400cc

    First… I’d like to say she could interrogate me anytime!

  • bigBLACKguy

    i dun care if shes russian or austrailian or watever. as long as she be white with curves, imma bone the sh** outta her!

    redhead ftw!

  • Ross

    Oooh yah, I like this one. If ever she has to go on the run from the American authorities, she can come and hide in my bed.

  • Anonymous

    in soviet russia, anna has the sex with my penis

    • Kam1kaza

      So in America the sex has Anna with your penis?

  • damn

    I’d like her better if she wasn’t a smelly ginger commy whore.

    • edcedc


  • RubberDogTurds

    sometimes hot, sometimes ugly fat face. spies need to learn to PS better

  • aosux

    She can be really sexy at times but she is too RED for me.

  • ozzie

    i’ll take the smelly ginger commy whore and fuck her right in her commy ass while praising stalin. she looks good man

  • ?

    kylee strutt is from russia? yes ..*bow*

  • HellHathNoFury

    I did say yesterday that she has made the 007 movies credible. If not for the photos, no one would ever believe you if you told them that a hot Russian spy who doubles as a real estate agent is at your elite party.

  • DoubleOhSeven

    She definitely has that “Down Syndrome” look going for her in most of these pictures. She’s still attractive.

  • Smeagol

    She’ll look less hot after she’s spent some time in the federal pen.

  • Kirbster

    1st of all, not that hot.

    2nd of all, I hope they use that commie bitch as a birthday present for the men’s prison.

  • Boomer

    she looks like the doctor on Stargate Atlantis to me… like her exact twin but redhead. and i like the red hair

  • ozzie

    why lock her up in prison?what’s so bad that she’s passin to the russians? That we have tons of fat chicks and our government is more corrupt than russia?

  • fzero

    Her vagina is going to look like the holland tunnel after about 4 hours in a woman’s prison. YGGR.

  • DaddyD

    After many years of online dating, I’ve found that reality is almost always closer to the worst picture than it is to the best one. She looks pretty nice in several of these pictures, but if I apply my rule …

    On the other hand, my experience is that most Russian women shave, so that provides some redeeming value!

  • Anonymous

    She is attractive………But she should still be taken out back and shot.

  • sf

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  • Brett

    Eh, the only reason that she’s getting pub for her looks is because she’s was arrested for being a foreign agent. She’s average looking at best. Of course, for a Russian woman, that’s like being hot since they have some of the most unattractive women in the world.

    • forge

      Ha, shows what you know. Russian and Eastern European women are *all* super-gorgeous supermodels until they hit 45 and turn into either mules or grouchy old fat men, can’t figure out which, but until that age, omg wow.

  • JG

    Left 4 Dead 2 FTW

  • John G

    Think the red dress & hair were a giveaway! Water-board her ass NAKED!

  • top dog

    What the hell is wrong with some of you numnutts? She is a spy goddamit!! I don’t care what she looks like. Sexy? well, may her “sexy” ass stay behinds forever.

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