Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (26 Photos)

  • thetech2

    pew pew ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,pew pew

  • uberbrie

    #24 mission not accomplished because I was here all day…and that's kinda doing something

  • dt520

    #7 – The homes gone, but they saved the closest McDonalds!

    #9 – I wish I was the one with the orange paint…

    #26 – Wow, ladies really do everything better, paper towels would stick SO MUCH less than tissue!

  • its_forge

    9 – Okay, there's no doubt about it, Katy Perry has the most amazing breasts of any person currently alive. They are mindblowingly awesome.

    11 – I am really over Dushku but boy I sure still would make her bray like a whole pack of wild hyenas

    15 – Yes please. I presume it's supercharged and gets about six miles to the gallon.

  • jiw

    nice set!

  • muscledrifter

    I want #24 on a t-shirt! And eliza, please call me. I have sumpin to show ya……… sumpin big

  • Danny

    This is a great random set today! They're all good………..

  • Lne

    #9 is Katy Perry

  • mklane

    russel brand is in number 9 because that is katy perry and they are together.. i think.

  • bob

    I can look past the scenario in #26 for I know it is art… but the art still suggests that this girl has a penis behind the chair arm… and so at this point only… i hate art…. and love those boobs… Oh… and I hate her hair too… but just because it's covering those boobs… ALSO… boobs is my favorite word

  • Joe Tibbetts

    Skeet skeet skeet skeet!

  • nouu

    26 is so fucking true..i get so tired of seeing some doods balls all up in my porn.

  • P-90

    #22 'What the fox hat?'

  • Rolis

    the last one is an interesting but then again disturbing at the same time 😦

  • Onur

    LOL heart attack cafe

  • Beldar

    #26 needs to be covered completely in Astroglide, with the empty bottle lying on the floor.

  • zerocool

    4 real this layout sucks ass!!

  • Ken

    #s 6 (tail gate dust art) & 12 (egg solar system) are awesome.

    #15 would come in handy for the Zombie Apocalypse.

  • pjmoran

    not last get in lol sorry

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