Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (26 Photos)

  • Pat

    # 26 FTW

  • jhrt

    if there is a woman who would like to pay my rent to be their love slave i could work that into my schedule. just putting it out there.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


  • http://twitter.com/raiiSG @raiiSG

    lol 1…….

  • Mike

    #19, Arrested Development?

    • TexWatson

      Tobias. One of the most underated shows.

    • hehaw

      you are correct. Buster!

      • TexWatson

        Crap is was Buster not Tobias. Tobias was the husband who had never nude syndrome.
        Fucking love that show.

        • Suzannes1974

          Isn't #19 also the anal retentive ass manager from Chuck?

  • The Dude

    # 2 is awsome

    • Palin Comparison

      Yeah, but it's Coke Zero … typical Imperial morons.

  • kater

    what up with 13, anyone?

    • BenK

      13 are ice cubes shaped to fit in the top of a water bottle. been around for a while. Wish I had thought of it first…..

  • McBeastie

    Just waiting for someone to add "Don't worry….I'm from the internet" to picture #1. It'll happen.

  • TexWatson

    #4 Nice turd cutter
    Deep fried butter at the Texas state fair. Yum
    Eliza yum
    #26 Kinda creepy like she had been date raped or the perfect woman(lays there and stfu)?

    Moderation sucks. F Leo:)

    • DaddyD

      #26 … more than likely, she just took care of herself.

      You need to get out more.

      • TexWatson

        Well I don't disagree there.

  • cdnalor

    In #26, doesn't IBS stand for for "irritable bowel syndrome"?

    • Palin Comparison

      That changes everything about that picture.

    • Anon

      It's "JBS"

      • cdnalor

        Oops, so it is. Time to start wearing my glasses.

    • Danish Chiver

      JBS is a Danish underwear company that caught a lot of flak for the "Men don't want to look at naked men" ad campaign, where, just as in this pic, they had hot, mostly naked women modelling their skivvies in things like nurses uniforms, etc. The Danish Nurses Association filed a lawsuit…

  • Anonymous


  • ACC

    #9 ?

    • DaddyD

      Looks like a college paint party. Not sure about the oompah loompahs, though.

    • JJan

      Katy Perry center. Russell Brand on the far right.

    • MadDog

      Katy Perry ((http)foto(dot)krabjiem(dot)lv/keitija-perija/17701)

  • GreenerBlues

    oompah loompahs?

  • Not First? No Shit!


  • Nicnac

    #18 and #19 related?

  • Boogerface

    FIRST!?!?!?! AM I FIRST?

    • DaddyD

      Yes. First in line for the next DB feature. Be sure to send your photo in.

  • ozzie

    eliza is so fuckin hot…right in her butt…that is all

  • admiralevident

    #25 – what is Jason Biggs protesting, American Pie 12 – Stifler Get Stiffed – Ultimate Scandalous Gaffers Cut?

  • dakota

    #3 is in Berlin. I was on a Party there at the weekend.

  • Johnny Israel

    Did anybody else notice Russel Brand in the background of number 9?

    • Yepnope

      Even after you said it, and i scrolled back up and looked for him, I couldn't see past the chest of Katey Perry.

      You are gay my friend.

    • P-90


  • mufasa


  • ace

    whos #9?

    • fartface

      yeah, i can't stop looking at #9… or #26. crap.

    • Jan

      It's Katy Perry, that's why R. Brand is in the background

  • Kyle

    I would marry #26. Without question. I wouldn't even need to know her name.

  • Insert Name Here

    this new layout fucking blows

  • metalcool36

    #26 is doing it right!

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