Kelly Brooke pays homage to bikini-clad filmstars (8 photos)

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  • PDiddily


    • word up

      BOSS i was first if you check the times of posting.

    • word up

      why the fuck did u remove my comment this isnt north korea i should have the right to post what i ever i choose, geez chive considering how much u pride yourselves on freedom to say and show whatever you want your quite hypocritical. first time ive ever been dissapointed in this website

  • Jonathan

    I get the whole "homage" thing, but no one looks as good as Sophia Lauren. Not even close. Total class.

  • Beau

    Sophia Loren has an uncanny resemblance to that model Wendy that thechive keeps posting links to.

  • Beau

    You should probably ask my busty fiance if I’m a virgin or not.

    • Phil

      You should probably post some pics to back up that statement.

    • word up

      all fat chicks have busty tits

      • ROR

        HA! FTW!

    • Liar

      It's a shame your busty "fiance" is probably a doll.

  • Brian

    CHIVE ! ! ! Can we please get the Kelly Brook versions without the old sea hags in there?!?!?

    PLEASE ! ! !

  • Noodles

    Thank you, Kelly Brooke! And I love you. (-:

    • Mohd

      The Western Black Rhino is extinct now the one that lived in Western Africa. This is in Southern Africa where the Southern Black Rhino, aluothgh threatened is going strong. Conservation efforts like these in South Africa show how more civilized it is than in West Africa. There the poaching scum have destroyed a magnificent sub-species and the people have let it happen.

  • Adam

    But I see no resemblance to a slave leia costume? Maybe the hair, but that's it…

  • Russ

    kelly brook can do no wrong. hot damn. she's gorgeous.

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  • Carter

    Whats up with the lighting on kellys photos. She's awesome but the photographer sucks ass.

  • P-90

    I absolutely adore Kelly Brook, she's awesome.

  • HellHathNoFury


  • Vij

    Ursula Andress is missing in the line up

  • scarlett

    bridgette bardot was natural, the others have had help from the knife

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  • Udyn

    Rachel December 9, 2011 I agree! It’s a gorgeous dress black, one-shouldered, lace and sqieuns! You can’t go wrong. Thanks for checking out my blog, I will have to take a look at your giveaway!

  • dot

    Sophia Loren better than Kelly Brook, wow, its good to see that the olds can still be sexy women for today more modern tastes

  • Kelly Hot

    #3 is good haha.

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