• sippinator94

    Nice Beaver.

    • Anony

      Thanks, I just had it stuffed.

      -The Naked Gun

  • fjdlska;

    skipped this one because of the ad… fail

    • Spicy Meatball


  • salporin

    There was a male cheerleader? Hadn't noticed…too busy checking out the girls.

    • Marika

      ^ Douche Alert!!! ^

  • CapnS

    Blows my mind how someone can be that active and still fat…. That kid must have one shitty diet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.springmann Melissa Danielle Springmann

      Its people like you who make this world a shitty place to live in – did you ever think that maybe he does have a healthy diet, but he has a disorder and literally CAN'T lose weight? Grow the fuck up and stop being so damn shallow…..

  • Nate

    non of the videos on chive are working for me…just get a "Transferring data from s50.sitemeter.com"???

    • Zach

      You probably need to turn off adblock to get it to work

      • Nate

        Thank You…

  • petwookiee


  • http://www.facebook.com/origin2000 James Simpson

    new video implementation sucks balls in firefox = no video.
    And no, I'm not disabling adblock

    • Reno5

      Works perfectly in firefox.

  • Chiver Bob

    new video player sucks

  • big bear

    doesn't work for me either…

  • ChubbyChaser

    Doesn't work.

  • blackwatchrasta

    Taco, burrito, what's coming outta your Speedo? You got troubles, you're blowing bubbles.

    I couldn't resist an homage to Will Ferrell.

  • CuntFace

    Yeah, turned ab off and reloaded page, then it work. with some sort of crappy pop over window

  • Frag

    dude you are awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHathNoFury

    Wow, I'm a blonde and it worked for me. Idiots. He should just do jazz hands at the end.

    • MichaelGS

      nothing like a fat kid doing jazz hands to make a video lol worthy

  • alicias

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  • Jake


  • Penelope

    It blew my fucking mind.

  • Bob

    Wow that guy is supergay, talented though. The girls are cute!

  • Truth

    looks like cam from modern family

  • Baba

    Fix it for firefox too next time.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Hes dedicated…gotta give him that…..he went for it…..

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