So I went shopping for mail-order redheads last night… (25 Photos)

As many of you know, I think mail-order brides make fantastic purchases. Here's the latest group of redheads for your add-to-cart consideration...

  • fourTWOzero


  • dolby

    shit like this is why i love the chive

  • chrisdg74

    I would love to add a couple of these to my cart. Now if only I can figure out how to order without my wife finding out. I will just have to make sure I am home first on delivery day.

  • paul

    i'd make mine wear a dress all day around the house. just fyi

  • walk it off

    I'd take #8 for a couple reasons

  • Moody Critic

    Haven't we learned anything from Mel Gibson??? Just say no!

    • chrisdg74

      Problem with Mel is, all he thinks she's supposed to do is "Smile and Blow" him. He's a douche.

  • Jonny Redneck

    Of course, you do realize that they're going to spy for Mother Russia, right?

  • An Amazed European

    2, 5, 7 and 8 added to cart. The 1992 freaked me out :O I'm only two years older!

  • pet_wookiee

    Damn… Fleur… FTW!

    • keithp420


    • aleXTC

      Yeah Fleur is hot for sure. Kalinochka has got it going on also though, I love that hippy look.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Silly Ginger girls!!! The things they are gonna have to do for a green card

  • fourTWOzero

    Is it me or is Ania the retarded one of the bunch?

  • Big J

    Is there a rent to own program?

  • top dog

    They are young ain't they? But I wonder if Svetlana inherited those traits from her mother. Depending on what she(mommy)look like, we can talk…..her mommy of course.

  • dkbales

    Mmmmm… Redheads!!!

    • Kat

      hey im a 27 year old NATURAL red head. half those girls pictured on here are even real redheads look at their eyebrows. At least my red curtains match my red landing strip.

      • Mike

        that was suppose to say AREN'T, wasnt it? thats okay i understood what you meant. Sooo i heard you redheads are freaky in bed right, i want to see what you look like.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    from 17 comments down to 6!!!!! HMMM Chive-alicious comment system

  • Gutterville

    I throught that mail order brides stopped in the 90s becuase the russian sex ratio was getting balanced again

    • dw55

      thrink again

  • farisdayoff

    John, how much bigger does the Chive need to get before you pull the trigger?

  • one shot, one kill

    …Order now and recieve your FREE copy of “The Russain Forearm Workout” by Youbin Yurkenov

  • fourTWOzero

    WTF is going on here???

    • robsterling

      You are high again. I'm guessing it started when you fired up that bowl at about 4:20. Drink some water (it is important to stay hydrated) then kick back and watch some TiVo'ed episodes of Robot Chicken or Squidbillies. If that isn't available, lay down and stare at a ceiling fan.

      You'll be o.k.

  • PrimerGray

    # 5 photobomb FTW!

  • fourTWOzero

    *breaks through wall* First – oh yeaahh!!

  • Peter

    my girl's a redhead ftw 😀

    • unfairrobot

      My girl is your girl.

  • dt520

    1 – yummy redheads

    2 – new comment system sucks, you can't make us think otherwise.

  • julietromeobravo


  • Kit

    #5 nice photobomb

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