Yeah, those veins…not sexy (9 Photos)

The only one who could pull this veiny look off was Arnold, everyone else cut it out!

  • kpsurf

    soooo gross

    • Nova

      I think 6 and 8 are the same guy.

  • Clickawhat

    Madonna is such a skeez…gahross

  • Leif Erikson

    My god, Carrot Top is starting to look like Lion-O from the Thundercats

    • Greenerblues


    • aleXTC

      holy shit your right hahaaha

  • Blahblahblah

    ummm. . .I thought it was common knowledge at this point that Sarah Jessica Parker has never looked attractive. It has nothing to do with the veins.

    • yugozapad

      The veins are just for bonus points.

    • yep

      Come on, give her a break, I'd do her when the lights were out. Of course the constant neighing would be a challenge.

    • chrisdg74

      Um, yeah. There is not a single redeeming quality to Mr. Ed, er, I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker.

    • PicklePuff

      Her face looks like a foot

  • asdasdad

    arnold #1
    haters(mostly nancyboys) gonna hate

    • Ranger Danger

      Heil…John Connor?

  • Anonymous

    I wanna suck on Mario Lopez’ veiny shalong.

  • dw55

    Angelina you still hot to me

  • HellHathNoFury

    Do women really think it's attractive when men look like that? I may have weird taste in me, but I just don't get it.

    • Nurse Ginny

      I agree with you 100% not my thing at all! more of a turn off really.

    • ZING

      I'd put something weird-tasting in you.

      • femtrooper

        All I can think of when I read this is that sour ooze candy that came in a tube…. Very weird visuals..

      • HellHathNoFury

        i didn't even notice that, haha!

    • northerner

      Agreed. Not manly. Gross. And not on a woman doubly so.

  • Akufen

    come on, sly looks pretty awesome!

    • admiralevident

      Sly aka Edward Penis Arms (stolen from someone else's comment)

      Having done the whole gym thing, I understand how veins get like that during and a bit after a workout. but dayum dude. I wonder if he's juicing again?

  • dt520

    anyone, male or female, makes themselves look crazy doing this shit. there is a difference between being fit or GTL. (aka gay tan lovers of teh dong).

  • Scott

    I find this post to be unnecessary and disrespectful. There are lots of us out here who these veins are a side effect of living a healthy lifestyle and to be called ugly for it is insulting and rude. Normally you get things done well Chive, I don't know why you felt it necessary to insult a condition that is in itself healthy as it represents good blood flow.

    • TrainReq

      Says the giant walking penis.

    • Beau

      So when people make posts about people failing everyone should get upset because they fail too?

      Or when people make posts about duck faces everyone should get upset because they made a duck face?

      People are going to have veins, people are going to make duck faces, people are going to fail. GET OVER IT. If you don't find it funny, move on. It would literally be IMPOSSIBLE to make every post funny to everyone. Man get the stick out of your ass.

    • aleXTC

      I find your comment stupid and unnecessary. ya ass

    • FatPeopleSuck

      It's ok Scott. The term "healthy lifestyle" in itself is likely to get negative feedback nojavascript: showWPLogin();wadays.

  • krisb


  • MiPo_TheGoat

    4, will someone get a saddle and a feeding trough ready….one got out of the pen

    • chrisdg74

      Well played sir. Well played. Mr Ed, indeed.

  • Htownpunk

    Just plain foul……that's really all I have to say.

  • Gutterville

    all of them take minor to high doses of roids

    • oneoldman

      Clearly so does every athlete in every sport that requires having a very strong grip then. Retard.

  • Jonathan

    Stallone, for his age look freakin awesome. Seriously.

  • Weird Gary

    Ewww gross, I know. Veins are disgusting. Channels that help distribute oxygen throughout body and what not. Can't they get them removed?

    • Thorongil

      Do us a favour and try.

  • Mike

    I'd love to be built like Sly.

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  • kmart

    does anyone else notice carrot top is naked? just an fyi.

    • VoiceOf Reason99

      yeah, i made the mistake of glancing down. now i have to stare at the sun til the image goes away

  • doo dah doo doo

    is #7 ac slater?

    and carrot top is such a freak since he bulked up. one of the many reasons he's nobody's spokesman anymore. well, that and the annoyingness.

  • Merrrrr

    Carrot Top, please put some pants on for the love of all things holy.

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  • Ryan

    I was half expecting to see a John Holmes photo in here…
    Ok, not really!

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