Beautiful photos of the U.S. Navy (20 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your service in the Navy
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your service in the Navy
Submit your Photos here

  • workin_donkey

    Thank God for the men and women that selflessly serve the U.S. of A!

  • Cajun Carrot

    God Bless em all.

    • yuppie

      God is not a factor with these people.

      • chena

        ……you betcher ass He is a factor with us…..

  • Aaron

    Good Times, well at least that's what you remember and forget all the lameness. All of the worst days combined I still don't regret joining the Navy.

  • lambasted

    se_men…is for F_GS…or fat girls.

    • Will

      You're a Dou_ebag, get out and do something with your life.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      so the question is…..which one of the 2 are you???

  • Maurice

    Incredible photos, thanks

  • Chasey!

    This are pretty sick! I will try to upload some from my command!
    Accelerate your life! I want to see some from the medical department thou!

  • sippinator94

    I remember my grandpa telling me about how in WWII, when he was on a carrier, it would be 100º one day, and they would go to sleep, and when they woke up, there would be a foot of snow on the deck. Also stories about they would pass an island that was covered with jungle, and they would pass that island again, it would be bare from the firebombs.

  • kpsurf

    That brings back some memories of the flight deck on the Kittyhawk!!! Thanks!

  • Danny

    Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! Godspeed all US servicemen and servicewomen!!!!!!

  • Lost in You

    Beautiful pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • jason

    would be cool if we knew what ships those are aboard. i will scan some of my old pics when i was aboard the USS KEARSARGE LHD 3.

  • bill

    the us armed forces the best in the world.

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