More photos of the sexiest sports reporter in the world: Sara Carbonero (17 Photos)

  • Sharktopus

    Her eyes are a little too far apart but she can still report on my vascular mushroom tip.

  • DaddyD

    Cute in some. Marginally ugly in others. Whoever said she was the sexiest sports reporter in the world either has all their taste in their mouth, hasn't seen very many female sports reporters … or got a BJ in return for the article.

  • Zoey

    Am I the only one who thinks Robin on CNN Headline News in the morning is sexy? I thinks she's a total babe.

    • MiPo_TheGoat

      Robin Meade is awesome

    • loohhfkfldsajyyjy

      She's waaaay hot. Especially when she has her supervillain black leather boots on!

    • Giò

      No, me too 😀 she is really sexy, more than the spanish one 😀 i agree with you!!

      • Cassie

        Cuauhtli47 on December 26, 2010 how to you reprogram cotornl to a diffrent tv?? i connected the satalite cable to my tv but my tv stays on fuzzy screen do i need to do the changes on reciever?? plz help

  • metalcool36

    When her last name includes the word "boner" you know whats up!!.. Or should I say whats about to be up

  • some guy

    I'd rather watch her than any sports except for women's volleyball

  • BongPimper

    She is hot, but she is wearing too much makeup in some of these pictures. #10,14, 16 look great

  • unfairrobot

    I will be operating under the assumption that she's just finished sucking a golf ball through that strand of spaghetti.

  • The real D. Nozzle

    how can she be deemed sexy if we dont see her in a bathing suit or naked?

  • scitt

    She looks like ralph macchio

  • word

    Bring her to ESPN pronto!

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  • rikooprate

    I'll bet she has a magical vagina.

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  • ehhh

    She has a terrible smile.

  • jibjab

    Georgie Thompson from Sky Sports News in the U.K is a pretty good shout for sexiest sports reporter, any good American ones?

  • Luke

    The spanish goalkeeper is one lucky guy

  • none

    Please…. Jackie Guerrido is the hottest woman in the news, PERIOD.

    Look her up and pass out!

    • Giò

      yes Jackie is extremely hot but have a look to the title " ….sport reporters.." when Jackie is a "weather girl"
      Let's try again 😉

      • Giò

        …have a look at the title…sorry 😉

  • its_forge

    She is terribly beautiful, but in the Spanish-speaking world, women like this are a dime a dozen. I know because I married one = )

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  • voces

    fuck you shit!! men…………….

  • sumit

    i thnk u haven't seen mayanti langer ,,,she is d sexiest sprts reporter i hv ever seen,,,,

  • Masashi

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