• John

    Thank god someone can masturbate for him

  • direktor

    he'd still have hands if he didn't go to some stupid war for oil…

    • what

      shut up. maybe he didn't have a choice. moron.

      • Sartre

        I doubt he was forced to join the army.

  • Desaved

    In the end you concede they are right! Duh

  • LMAO

    LOL what a pussy

  • Yvonne Wilcox

    I know some service men gave all they had but I bet it was good to have someone to come home too. What a lovely story.

  • rex

    a good wife because she still loves her husband? I don't get it? Wow, he doesn't have hands. Who cares. Are we supposed to give her a reward for not being a cunt?

  • Kevin

    Can't be bothered to read, yet you waste your time, posting that you didn't read. Brilliant!!!

  • Ophelia

    I read all this and I lose faith in humanity in general, these folks do a job that none of you knuckle draggers want or can do and you hate on them? Why? Mcdonalds wages gettin you guys down? YOU are the reason America sucks.

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  • viralviralvideos

    Let's pray not one more American loses a limb or his life fighting in the desert for no reason. Bring our brothers and sisters home!

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