Chicks with freckles, like regular chicks but cuter (41 Photos)

  • YESS


  • Todd

    #12… Not so much….

    • Cheez-Stick

      What? Shes cute…….for being 13 years old!

    • Yoyo Ma

      31 and 34 by far man. Wow

  • Homesteader

    I can appreciate a cute freckled girl…

    Oh, and thanks Chive… Now that my Boss is hooked to the site, he doesn't mind me checking it every few minutes.

  • Cheez-Stick

    Thank you Chive! I thought I was the only guy who loved girls with freckles!

    • Cheez-Stick

      Also can we get a entire post with the POV from 26 and 27?

  • rationalgaze

    I need more redheads in my life

  • yo yo yo

    mmmmmm…. girls with freckles are hot

  • Equalizer

    I'll hit #22 & #11

  • Dr. Johnson Fitswell

    #5 = Faye Reagan.

    Look it up, FAP FAP FAP….spent

    • chrisdg74

      Also see, aliases: Faye Runaway, Faye Valentine, Jillian. FAP FAP FAP.

      • cat

        I third that. She is talented in some very NSFW ways.. one of my favorites!

  • dw55

    freckles are like sugar on a cookie only gets it sweeter NOM NOM NOM

  • mattythegooch

    I may be baked, but am I not seeing Cintia Dicker in any of these??

    • knuckledonkey

      @mattythegooch. Yes, you are baked. She is #8

      #41 also belongs to Lower Back Problem chick.s Those spaghetti straps are under TREMENDOUS load.

      • mattythegooch

        haha, good eye! If I wasn't focused on her tits, I may have noticed her name in the picture.

  • Chris

    Where is Evangeline Lilly??? After all she was called Freckles on LOST!!!!!!

  • wyatt22

    one of the greatest posts in a while!

  • shh-wing

    i love connect the dots

  • G4M3R

    27 FTMFW

  • The real D. Nozzle

    not so into this. couple good lookers, but mostly they look like skin cancer patients.

    • Viking

      Was it really necessary for you to post!? Don't like it, navigate AWAY. The buttons on your keyboard and on your mouse help you avoid things you do not like. Cock-Mongler.

    • dani

      I have freckles and it's jerks like you that make me feel self conscious. I'm not a regular member here but I had to respond to this. Freckles are beautiful and represent youth. Not skin cancer you ass hat.

  • boo

    is number 20 an alien?

    • boo who

      Don't know, but if so, I'm into intergalactic relationships.

    • its_forge

      She does look pretty otherworldly. I wonder if that's some kind of artist's composite or something.

    • Kevin

      if so, i want to go to her planet!! lol

  • chrisdg74

    I like freckles so much I married a woman with them. Granted, not as abundant as these ladies, but she has them, nonetheless.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Rub it in, whydontcha?

  • BillyBlaze

    Fucking mutants

    • chrisdg74

      Fucking fucktard.

      • BillyBlaze

        Great comeback. If you knew anything about redheads or people with freckles you would know that its caused by genetic mutation.

        • chrisdg74

          I know full well what causes red hair and freckles, and I didn't have to look it up on wiki, like you did. My comment was directed at your derogatory comment "fucking mutants". I bet you're a real hit at parties. I'm guessing you don't have too many friends, live with your parents and play World of Warcraft all weekend long, drinking Mtn Dew Code Red and eating cheetos.
          So, in summary, I stand by my original comment. Fucking fucktard.

          • BillyBlaze

            No I just went out to wiki for an example. Actually I don't get too many parties. I'm too busy serving my country,

            • ChrisDG74

              Come on now. Playing Call of Duty doesn't count.

    • its_forge

      Hi, my entire Scottish and Irish ancestry is at your door at the moment with their six-foot swords and plaid wool skirts and they'd like a word please.

      • scooter

        Okay the swords yes but the bloody Kilt (and the Tartan) was a fabrication made up by Rabbie Burns to give the Scots a mystique. Really have you seen what grows on the Highlands and you think anyone would be stupid enough to run around in a glorified skirt! Their legs would be cut to shreds.

        The thistle is our emblem coz it grows everywhere and one time an invading army tried to attack at night, that gave them away. (Probably a myth but it's what we were taught in school!)

        • its_forge

          Yeah I remember reading about that, the tartan wasn't invented until like, the 20th century right? I was just going for the characterization. My family's all descended from the region though, there's Keoughs and McKennas and Beatons and Baileys and tons of other families that have places named after them over there….

  • billthewelder

    Real freckels + real red hair = real woman….all others are imitators.

    • dani

      I'm a brunette with a decent amount of freckles. I sure as hell am one real woman. Your theory is invalid.

  • Ross

    #12 rminds me of an ex-g/f, damn I miss her.

  • verbal kint

    freckles = redhead = crazy = let's you stick it in her pooper while choking her.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Whoa, those were our private moments!

  • that guy you know

    we need to find #10 and POV her
    oh freckles are the hottest thing since ever!!!!!

  • Nick

    This is a great post but I need names on these women I recognize a few but a full list would be great. 41= Amit Freidman; 39= Natalya Rudakova; 15&16= Lindsay Lohan; 8=Cintia Dicker

  • hyssop

    You tricked me .. this is a ginger post

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    Remove Lilo and the human dumpster in # 5 and we're talkin

    • its_forge

      Lindsey's still a pretty hot chick and c'mon, you *know* she's fricking insane in bed. I would like to see her get out of that substance problem and start acting again.

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