Sinking the USS New Orleans (7 Photos)

The USS New Orleans was sunk as part of a multi-national training exercise. The carrier sustained direct hits by a 500 pound GBU-12 precision bomb dropped from a B-52, at least seven Harpoon missiles, and was finished with the artillery of the joint force of the five nations – United States, Japan, Australia, Canada and France.

  • Glenn

    I was stationed on the USS New Orleans from '74 to '75. She was a good ship then. Sad to see her being sunk like this.

    • Evil-Son-of-a-Vet

      I'm sure lots of folks will try and make it OK by saying "look how it will make a good artificial reef" and so forth. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's still damned sad to see history go down like that. I wish they would take more of the old ships and planes and turn them into places people could go and visit them. I often went to see the U.s.s. Batfish submarine at Fort Gibson Damn in Oklahoma…at least that's where I recall it being at. That has been many, many years ago and I'm a bit fuzzy on the memory, but that submarine being in land-locked Oklahoma was always one of the high-points of summer vacations in Muskogee, Oklahoma with my grandparents. I'd certainly get more of a kick visiting these old ships at a dock somewhere than on a dive…especially since I cannot scuba dive!
      Sadly I understand how much maintenance costs are involved to keep these old planes and ships in some sort of decent care. It's not cheap. It makes me feel pretty bad for the people that used to work and live on the things.

    • Bill

      Compared to the humiliation of being torn apart by the breakers, going down under a hail of fire while providing invaluable training is the honorable way to go. Check out the website "All the Worlds Battlecruisers" for pictures of once proud warships being broken up. The pictures include the USS Iwo Jima, my old ship and a sister ship to the Orleans and the USS Cabot a former museum ship that was abandoned.

  • Ross

    as if New Orleans wasnt under water enough, this happens. I live in New Orleans and its sad to see her go.

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