• shooter


  • Urmom

    fuck you shooter and this is fucking great!!

  • Spiderpig615

    I thought I killed this guy in Vietnam.

  • soccersgay

    Screw shooter and Fuck Urmom haha

  • Homesteader

    That was actually pretty good!

  • answer


  • Gary 1976

    Very nice Chive, liked it a lot. Can you not introduce a simple way to download some of these videos as attachments?

    • dumbfounded

      seriously? this is a youtube embed. Gary'76. That makes you 34 years old, and you're still getting the 'hang' of this new fangled internet doohickey. "a simple way to download some of these videos as attachments". "as". "attachment".

      what is this i don't even

      ok dude, imma stop bagging on ya. here's a Pro Tip. Don't. download. videos. boooooooookmark. leave that shit up on the big, corporate cloud. keep your hard drive out of the whole transaction. capice? bene.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=709059213 Shazwan Khairuddin

    dude that was soo cool.. wished they thought us how to do this kinda videos

    • wilbl

      Look on his channel, he explains it there..

  • northerner

    Yes, actually, pretty good!

  • Kent

    Funny, in my dreams I have a hard time squeezing the trigger and the gun rarely works.

  • WolfP

    Darn cool 🙂

    "Flower warfare" from the same maker

  • Sam

    hes using AIMBOT!

  • stan

    That WAS me before the fucking liberals made the cost of my ammo so much higher.

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