This kitten, this is the kitten (8 Photos)

I'm not a big fan of cats as many of you know but look at those blue eyes, man. This is Hiro and he's super-awesome. According to Hiro's owner, "He enjoys the-catch-and-run game a lot, and he teases you so you can’t really catch him. Hiro is playful and fantastically sweet."

  • ryan

    I'm pretty sure i've read somewhere in a biology book that an all white cat with one green eye and one blue eye is also born blind.

    • Sister Morphine

      Not true. Rich is actually right. My cat is white, blue eyed and deaf, but has excellent eyesight. He's one heck of a mouser.

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  • Vicarious

    I'm sorry John but i think you just failed the gay test.

    • its_forge

      Real men dig cats.

      • Da Cuntstabber

        Real men hate cats

        • its_forge

          Men who hate cats are douchebags who are insecure about their sexuality.

  • northerner

    major cute post Chive!

  • Tessa

    We got a blue-eyed white cat when I was in college. Too bad someone killed it.

  • None

    It's a Turkish Van cat.

    They often have odd coloured eyes, and are very soft

  • Cade

    INSERT YOUR MOM JOKE ________________________

  • Ces

    SO WHAT???????? get a life jerk

  • ...

    Best gallery ever!

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