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  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • thatsnotausername

      You know, repeatedly making aggressive attempts to, if nothing else, create a negative reaction from vast amounts of people is a tall tell sign of a sociopath.
      I have no idea if that's true, but you're a fuck wad either way.

      • nothisisausername

        I concur

      • loudpurplehair

        or tell-tale? though I do agree with you

      • Lisa Martin

        I just think it's because they've never been with a real girl, therefore there's no possibility they've ever slept with a virgin, so they feel this incessant need to go popping invisible cyber cherries. But that's just my 2 pennies. xD LOL

      • Firstly


  • 6655321

    The always lovely underboob, yes.

    • its_forge

      Underboob = awesome
      Underplastic = blecch

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    Nice week, guys! Have a great weekend!

  • charlie

    first yay

    • Jake

      Good Try. Just kidding FUCK YOU

      • panda


  • Christophe Courtin

    There must be a clinical psychiatric condition for that compulsion to write "first" (and often fail) in comments… I bet they are the same in bed:
    "what? Again????"

  • TitsMcGee

    Firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm Breast ey

    • james

      Sup baby? Tiger..)))RED(((

  • dirty sanchez

    #39 thank you and how do i apply to wax that ass??

  • metalcool36

    Damn horses always raping our women into a life of dissatisfaction!!

    • metalcool36

      you're a fag

    • Nateb123

      You know what they say, horses are terrible people…

  • cobruz

    Killer abs on #39

  • Ulysses

    #1 Papa is hungry)
    Poor pigeon…

  • thatsnotausername

    why 1808?

  • mirou

    why you did that to me evelyn ?

  • Viking

    Great to see Evelyn again, something about that woman……
    Phenom body, would like to see her face.

  • Viking

    Holy crap, how did that happen??
    Sorry about the spam.

  • Mak

    that elevator has no 4th floor button

    • Christophe Courtin

      Nicely spotted. Actually, there are no 14 or 24 either…
      Weirderer and weirderer…

      • Knights of Ni

        Must be in China or something, I think 4 is the death number there

        • yup

          spot on, just googled it, you could be in the 50th floor in Hong Kong but actually you are only on the 36th floor, because the 4th, 14th, 24th, etc and all 40ths floors are missing.

    • Buffet

      It's the 13th that's supposed to be absent. Leads me to believe the thing's bogus?

      • Rawr

        No its in asia like Knights said, number 4 is pronounced the same as death in Chinese so it is considered a very unlucky number and so is left out

  • Hobbs
  • Mike

    #28 cigarette comercials and ads rocked back in the day! Before are the politically correct BS..

  • Terry Burke

    39 is still awesome

  • Random Crazy Person

    James Brown was probably looking down at that kid in #32, laughing at his stupidity.

  • Ggg

    evelyn marry me

  • Merovingian

    #45, No, the American dream has an attractive women in it.

    • its_forge

      Guffaw THIS

  • chrisdg74

    #12 – (Facepalm). That is all.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Just think those 3 are John Gotti's grandsons!!!!

  • olis

    close, but the American Dream would include a Koolaid Jammer

  • God's cock

    Giant, mashed up, misshapen titties are not my american dream! 39 is a LOT closer.

    • its_forge

      Hear to the hear.

  • hi!

    love you evelyn

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