World’s deepest pool, complete with underwater cave (18 Photos)

This is Nemo, one helluva' diving pool in Brussels, Belgium. The pool has multiple flat-bottom levels. The first is at 16 feet, the next at 32 feet. The bottom of the pool funnels into a large circular pit that bottoms out around 110 feet. If your sport, you can take a detour into the diving caves. Perhaps the best part is the water is kept at a sublime 86 degrees at all times.

  • Lisa Martin

    Wow…that's just a little odd. 😛 Cool…but odd. 😉

  • Son of Dad

    The water is 65.3% urine at the bottom of that pit.

  • Carrot

    Imagine having to clean it… damn how much would that cost….

    • CPO_Mendez

      I don't care… WANT

  • Kjell King

    Well, that's pretty goddam rad.

  • uberbrie

    …the rare 2nd post? I swear has already posted this.

    • eROCK

      They did…back on November 27th, but at least there are more pics in this one. 🙂

      • Lisa Martin

        How the hell did you know the specific date?!? Sheesh!

        • eROCK

          Used theChive's handy dandy search feature at the top of the page. Searched for "deepest pool"…and like magic it was able to find this post from today and the one from November 27th.

          • Lisa Martin

            Crap…lol…I forgot they put in a search thing. Inner dingbat was flexin' her wings. lol! 😛 Thanks. 😉

  • Billy Bob

    I want to go there so bad, didnt even know this place existed. Thank you Chive

  • joeoby

    What's the pressure like at the bottom of that cylinder?

  • aaa

    The pressure at the bottom of the cylinder is about 48 pounds per square inch.

    • Mr. E

      The answer given by "aaa" is essentially confirmed. My calcs show roughly 49 psi, but who's gonna squabble over one little psi. Right on, aaa! Yer a diver, ain't ya?

      • Internet_star

        The answer given by "Mr. E" is essentially confirmed. My calculations show roughly 149 PSI, but who's gonna squabble over mere 100 psi. Right on, Mr. E!

      • just sayin

        psig or psia? im assuming psig cuz nobody cares about constant atmospheric pressure
        i wonder why

  • MPMoore

    That's pretty badass.
    I figured the water pressure that deep would be pretty intense.
    Also, it would be a bitch to keep clean.

  • MPMoore

    Wow, gota love shitty work computer lag.

  • joeclyde

    I don't know about the 110ft drop. But everything else looks really cool. I guess this could be then next luxury item to own. Mega Pool.

  • man man

    Indoor deep water scuba training FTW!

    No, but seriously. If this pool were a woman I would gifliggity her gishmoigin with my googus.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Must at this to the list!!!

    • seriously

      yes. at it immediately

  • Pat

    I see cleavage in # 14 …. just saying….

    • Beau

      I scrolled up to double check. lol

  • Joeyk

    I got my blue tunic and iron boots, lets solve this bitch!!

    • Chuck

      I actually lmao at that comment. Ah one of the most memorable dungeons ever!

    • Jamie

      I seriously just LMAO!!! I hated that dungeon!!

  • justine.mccray

    oh god just looking at those pics makes me sick to my stomach… i HATE deep water, sooo scary!!

  • Insert Name Here


  • HellHath NoFury


    • P-90

      I played water polo once, but my fucking horse drowned.

      • HellHath NoFury

        You're not supposed to fuck them, it makes you all loose.

        • Beau


    • Tom Brown


    • CPO_Mendez

      I'll race you to the bottom!!

  • Смешные фото

    Oh nice

  • Gene

    i want one =D

  • CPO_Mendez


  • Viper

    Pretty awesome, but why though, were some guys like "hey dude, you know what would be cool? a 110-ft deep pool!" "yeah man, that'd be so rad!"

  • Mich

    Yay I'm from Belgium 😀

  • Confused

    That's just awesome

  • Gem

    holy shit. I would love to dive in that pool!!
    @ comment #3: imagine how much it costs just to fill it..

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