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Not long after a soldier (we’re tracking down his name currently) was killed in Afghanistan, his platoon returned home. In his honor, they stood in formation, as they always did, only this time there was a gap where he normally stood; his 2 year-old daughter taking his place in formation.
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Check out this video of soldiers surprising loved ones after returning from war. Touching…you WILL cry 🙂
soldier surprise Photo of the Day

  • Jenny

    I am going to cry

    • fuzzybeard2016

      I *am* crying! 😥

  • sybilll

    Oh my. Words escape me.

    • judgejay

  • blah

    I think I shat my pants.

  • eight

    Right. But war is good and all that. Support our troops dying for some reason. Got it.
    Both Bush and Obama make me sick.

    • mr_bartelby

      Afghanistan > Iraq. US had no reason to be in Iraq. If the manpower and effort was spent in Afghanistan instead of Iraq instead of fighting a war on two fronts, this probably would have all been over and the troops back @ home.

      • wikiBuddha

        Peace > War.

        • guy

          yea! war has never achieved anything ever. Why dont they understand this?!

          • strength

            Except freedom….

            • james

              ahahaha except freedom is true ohh shit that was funny they all bitching about war and you just F**KED them up ahaha

  • caps

    "more meat for the grinder"

  • Jacobian

    a dramatic replacement then. 🙂

  • QuiteRational

    He shouldn't go to war, at first. So, Why I should cry after not-so-smart-and-friendly man?

    • Douchechill

      It must be miserable being you.

  • HisFaulty

    Wow, how creative. In less than 5 years half of this group will be children.

  • nthitz

    920×570 is hi res?! I don't think so. Having said that this is a touching photo

    • JayTel

      what kind of f*ckwit first nitpicks over resolution for a photo like this. That's some chronic assh*le disorder you've got going there.

      • Hates your face

        Shut up.

  • Fred

    That is SO DISGUSTING.

    War is STUPID.

    Poeple supporting war in whatever way are STUPID.

    • Matthew

      You are STUPID, STUPID. How STUPID can you be to be so STUPID posting something to STUPID!
      /end sarcasm

      *Fred, as cliche as it sounds, the only reason you are able to do and say what you do is because of the wars you think are so stupid. No matter what you may feel about wars, some wars are necessary, and that is a fact. War isn't always about being the first to shoot, but would you support an enemy attacking us and us just standing by? (no, that is not a reference to Iraq WMDs or Afgan) I'm not a Pro-War person, but I'm not a narrow person that can't see past my own feelings on a subject.

      • Tim Bronson


        The problem is, in the US, we get brainwashed by our "media" into *thinking* war in Iraq and Afghanistan was necessary.

        But of course, it *was* not.

        Our past "leaders" completely failed in foreign policy – over decades, which created all the hate against us. That hate was not there since the beginning of time.

        • Matthew

          I'm not denying nor agreeing with your statement, as that was not the point of my reply. My reply was in general terms (pardon the pun) of war, not about the war in Afg/Iraq. The person I replied to was just an idiot who doesn't realize it yet. I was just helping to guide them on their path to recognizing that fact.

  • fUSi

    I feel sorry for the girl. But who said that there is no price to be paid for imperialism?

  • Simon

    this picture is so moving

    • blah

      Yeah. Bowel moving.

      • blah 2

        yeah baby mmmmm fart wait for it wait for it blop wipe and flush

  • frank

    This is incredibly sad and a touching photo. However, it is infuriating also. No heroes here, just tragedies because voluntary wars are never heroic. This soldier would have done better staying at home and raising his daughter.

  • Aquagoat

    She ships out next week.

  • Proud

    @Fred, you're an asshat – if people were like you were on fire, I'd light my cigarette off your burning body.

    Whether you agree on the war or not, one thing is for sure that this little girl will grow up without her father, BUT AT LEAST she will know he did what his country asked him too. If it weren't for men like this in the picture (I'm speaking to my fellow Americans), you'd all be speaking German or Japanese right now….

    • brassmonkey

      Maybe, but we would have free healthcare, free education, a 35hr work week and 5 weeks of vacation.

      Guten Tag

      • steelmonkey 3

        damn straight he a brass monkey cause he gots you by your brass balls bitch

      • zaire67

        If Germany had won you would be in a work camp.

  • Nick

    I would like to see some source information. This just looks like a national guard unit on a drill weekend with a guys daughter standing next to him.

    She is supposedly standing where her dad normally stood in a formation they always did? They are not even sized up correctly how would they know where they normally stood? And why is every one so happy in the photo. The only people that seem to be upset is the people that read this story thinking it was legit.

    • Matthew

      The formation arrangement is fine, they have one more man in the platoon than can sustain 3 even ranks, so the first rank gets an additional person. They are happy probably because whenever I stood in formation remembering a fallen soldier, we chose to remember the positive things about them, not fall into tears.

      Plus, they have his daughter there (supposedly, as you say). If you were there, would you have a platoon of men making a depressing scene for a 2yo and crying non stop? Or would you put on a positive and welcoming face/attitude for them? I'm sure the mom was there too and they are trying to be supportive. And how do you know what a NG unit looks like compared to an active unit?

      • Matthew

        *edit, there are 4 ranks.

  • bill gates

    died for what exactly? oh yea, profits.

    what a waste

  • Anonymous

    He signed up for it, why create such a big deal about it? Yes, the poor child is without it but who signed up for the military?

    • Twinkletoes

      So naive.

  • iipalbanjary


  • Smallfox Photography

    Gad! We would all be better off without war, but there are the occasional cases (Hitler is so good in these examples) where there is little choice. The problem is that war has become as much a money-making enterprise as anything else and there is so much propaganda and so little truth presented that it now becomes almost impossible to tell what is happening and whether a war is justified or not.
    I suspect if there wasn't money and power involved that there would be almost no war. Certainly, poor people in wartorn countries are the ones who benefit the least.
    War IS stupid, regardless of whether or not (as in most cases, I suspect) it is justified.

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