It’s good to be the king (11 Photos)

These photos are of epic planes owned by various world leaders. Hence, the title.

  • Frank


  • HellHath NoFury

    How strange, that some people have things that fly that are nicer than my permanent residence.

    • uberbrie

      People in Hurricane Alley have permanent residences that fly that are probably much less nice than your permanent residence…

      • sippinator94

        People in Pakistan have residences that will either fly when are bombed, or that have nice waterfront views. I cannot say they are permanent though.

      • HellHath NoFury

        And you were there! And you!

        • HellHath NoLife


    • Tom

      How strange that some people have difficulties with basic grammar.

  • ozape

    i think it's a bit huge and luxurious.

    • Brandon

      That's what she said.

  • buzzkill

    This is a hoax.

    • Obadiaha

      Nope, I've worked on aircraft like these.

  • pookie

    They all look amazing, but most of these look kinda tacky. I like #'s 9 and 10 because they get away from the gold & silver look though. If I had the money some of these (undoubtedly awful) world "leaders" have, I would certainly embellish my personal airplane in a more classy manner. Not that I wouldn't take any of these planes for free or take a ride in one. Still, the level of lavish luxury in these is kinda disgusting, especially when you consider where the money probably came from and the conditions of these assholes' countries. There's probably some guy ready to suicide bomb a capitalist as his king is cruising around in one of these with 15 half naked bitches grinding on each other.

    • Crystal

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Justin Hall

      All I remember from this lifestory is, "15 half-naked bitches grinding each other."

      • Hez26

        almost makes it all worth it…

  • BigDingo

    too much money

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    And not one is democratically elected.

    • dw55

      in their defense they flipped the coin, but guess who was the head and the tail ????

  • googboog

    most parts of the world would call this overkill… i don't even know what #4 is and why some rich guy has a painting of naked women next to his upside down duck bed

    • smokydiesel

      I'm thinking #4 is a Jacuzzi tub of some sort, note the red and blue on the bar above the black object in the center

    • obadiaha

      #4 is just a sink

      • Beau

        Yeah I see the mirror above it and it is small. Definitely a sink.

      • googboog

        yeah, that would also explain why it looks like a robot threw up all around it 🙂

  • dw55

    where do I sign to become a king????

  • El Conquistador

    Looks like my guest house…B)

  • Zoey

    Who was the decorator?? Austin Powers??? How tacky.

    • uberbrie

      Actually these are all pictures of Airforce One after Barack got elected.

      • Hez26

        took you long enough…

  • T. Walsh

    who does #10 belong to?

    • Brett

      The alien leader from Battlefield Earth.

  • David

    I'm a fifteen year old. My father is an entrepreneur and happens to own two planes. Both of which, are nowhere near as tacky as these things.

    • Ptesla

      If i kill Him will you become Batman?

  • Evil Dung Beetle

    Opulence… I has it.

    • Sarah

      I freakin' love that commercial! Thanks for the laugh.

  • 'Merica

    And they said the Titanic was unsinkable.

  • Randy

    #10 is for the president of the mile high club.

  • James

    Imagine, the number of people living without clean water, electricity, decent housing and education it takes to purchase, own and operate planes like these.
    The power elitist's of the world have plundered the resources of their people to attain the level of financial power represented here.
    These, "Kings" are really narcissists with no regard for the lives of the people who they lord over.

    • Some Guy

      Thanks captain obvious.

  • Jose

    hay gente que sabe vivir bien.. y fornicar por supuesto!!!!!

  • Leslie

    #4 is a sink

  • GENE


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