• ericvdm

    lol sugar doesn't do that to me

  • Dude_love

    That was awesome

  • transit shawn

    Why can't SNL be this good all the time?

  • pookie

    this is a frat boy several years after college is over

  • BigDingo

    and that's why I don't watch Saturday Night Live anymore

  • Flanders

    Hot Rod, you so funny…

  • ron

    So I don't get the "I just shat me pants" reference.

  • n1ghtstalker

    I just don't get why thats funny at all?
    What did I miss?

    • yup


  • Crystal

    Love the Lonely Island

  • ebay21

    welcome to ::== h t t p : / / w w w . e b a y 2 1 .c o m ==

  • Da Sandman

    matrix part had me lol ^^

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