Prehistoric fish found in modern day (18 Photos)

  • eric


    • topher

      weird you idiot

  • noname

    fail.. not prehistoric at all.
    go watch discovery channel.. those white fish are deepsea fish (like really really deep)
    most of them (if not all) are still alive.

    • Sucka

      Actually you fail.. read the whole title before pretending to be educated

      • noname

        title: "Prehistoric fish found in modern day"
        nothing more then that..
        what are you aiming at?

        • totheark

          "Prehistoric" means that it's been around longer than humans. This article is about fish that have lived for hundreds of millions of years and not gone extinct or evolved beyond recognition.

          • Anon

            However, I would point out that in a person's mind, "Prehistoric" suggests that they've gone unchanged since the time before humans, which would be inaccurate for these fish. I'm glad these fish haven't gone extinct, otherwise they'd be fossils and this article would have to be called "Prehistoric fish fossils," which is much more boring than these great shots.

            The end of your post, "evolved beyond recognition," that kinda makes me laugh, considering that we only know about these modern fish from live samples. Humans are creatures evolved quite beyond recognition from our ancestors, and yet, we know the lineage quite well, so that really has nothing to do with the "prehistoric" part of this.

            • Beau

              *burp* *fart*… what? huh? Oh, excuse me. Didn't realize you guys were having a douche-fest… I'll just see myself out.

            • SweetAwesomeness

              these are called "living fossils" (meaning they've existed since prehistoric times and are still alive today) now all of you shut the fuck up……Beau, I'm with you…I'm grabbing a beer and heading to the strip club…

              • Terry Burke

                O MY GOD! shut up!

  • Phil

    14 is known as a "Moreton bay bug" here. They are sold in every seafood store and most restaurants. And they are delicious. If they are even approaching slightly rare it's because I've been putting in the hard yards.

  • Sammy

    Prehistoric or not im not swimming in the ocean for quite some time after viewing this. T__T

    • capitan

      most of them are deep sea fish. as in, deep enough that if you swam there without protective suits, your body would be crushed under the water pressure

  • Lisa Martin

    I would TOTALLY love to catch/work with some of these critters. Trout, small mouth bass…meh…just not bizarre enough any more. :p lol!

  • M.G

    I'm officially freaked out!

  • BigDingo

    18 reasons why I prefer to swim in lakes

    • Anon

      I'm sure we can find 18 reasons lakes are even worse.

      • Pools

        *jumps in the pool*

    • CMG

      You shouldn't swim in lakes or oceans, fish pee and have sex in there you know.

  • Darren


    • Son of Dad

      Agreed… the one fish that actually should have been there isn't.

  • sander

    obviously just deap sea fish… -_- idiots

    • AAAA

      deap, huh? who's the idiot?

      • lokiluck

        ahahaha win

    • Son of Dad

      Thumb up for the observation. Thumb down for the spelling mistake. It evens out.

  • Batdaddy

    Number 6 Crunchy Tatar Tots and a nice Dipping sauce?

  • femtrooper

    13's kinda cute, in a tumorous shark kinda way…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Chuck Norris caught all of these with his bare hands…..The same day!!!!

  • BlueDragon1


  • Brandon

    #6 looks like sausage balls served with a sour cream dip, decorated with a paprika garnish.

  • rawnoyz

    is it at all weird that #5 looks like a man turned into fish..

  • wanderingsmartass

    "Prehistoric super rare fish!"
    " here we killed it for you"

  • kaz

    scariest gallery on the chive

  • kezon

    actually if your son/daughter asks you if there are monsters and you say "no", you lie

  • Niz

    Come one, come all to the World's ugliest fish contest!!! Let's meet our contestants now!!

  • Kyle Retrato

    #17 looks like a weapon from a crappy japanese anime…

  • Maddog

    Those things are scary!! Many thanks to BP for making these things extinct!

  • FinalW

    with the global warming, I think we will see more of this kind of beasts.

  • BongPimper

    This is the reason I would never swim in the sea or ocean

    • titbong

      most of these fish are from way down deep in the ocean, so far that theres only been a couple expeditions because the equipment needs to withstand megatons of pressure, and its expensive, the places theyre going to are the only part of the world untouched by humans, its amazing to see what kind of animals were here before us and will likely be here after us

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    F*ck this, I'm going swimming…Who's with me…..

  • cdnalor

    Now if we can only find Fred Flintstone's grave…

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