Air parades, yes parades in the air (32 photos)

Gallery provide by the good people at -check out more cool galleries at RealityPod!

  • ikindalikeapples

    i believe 11 is an escort

    • I have no name

      As a controller, I'm disappointed at some of the photoshopping here. Booooo….

      • Laurent

        and that obvious… But the mig's are awesome!

    • ikindalikeapples

      and 22, 26, and 27

      • Trainguy

        Those aren't actually. Its from Russia's Victory Day Parade last May.

  • HoneyCan

    Nice Collection

  • Equalizer

    These are suppose to be in theBrigade… Are you running out of pictures chive?

  • Wil

    Nice but #4 looks photoshopped to me – something about the angle of the A-10 compared to the others…..

    • Matty

      it totally is. even the scale is off.

  • northerner

    Very nice! Thup Thup Thup Thup Thup Thup Thup! I can hear Radar yelling, "Choppers!"…

  • Pedro

    where is 29?

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