I remember turning 18 and it was nothing like this (15 Photos)

  • me2

    What…where…why…the fuck?

  • Darksoul

    Congratulations, men can now take advantage of you without worrying too much about going to go to jail…

    • Darksoul

      Yes there's an extra go up there.

    • Blendercloud

      Additionally, men can now take advantage of you without it weighing on their conscience.

  • Stupendous

    spoilt kids!

  • lisa

    i would have cried if my parents put that hideousness up in my backyard.

  • vibius

    I bet shes as deep as a kiddie pool.

  • Hutch

    pfft..spoiled brat.

    • Dave

      Daddy's little princess!

  • The Diz

    Apparently you've never seen a barmitzvah on the north shore of chicago. it's not uncommon for people to spend $20K on lighting alone.

    • V-4-Vendetta

      Try Long Island, NY. You'd think they were throwing a wedding, but no its just a party for their spoiled rotten son/daughter.

  • BigDingo

    if you're that fat and ugly… this is the only way to make you feel good about yourself

    • Malachi Constant

      spot on Dingo (although the parents are definitely at fault)

  • pufffdragon


  • Lulu

    and not a single fuck was given that day

  • matteo1981

    And this happened in Switzerland? omg!
    Image 9 the ticket forehean of the musician is 100 Sfr. (100$)

    • lolo

      this is serbia 😀

  • Dlaka

    No this all was happen in Serbia. Their parents just earn money in Switzerland.

  • karli

    this is disgusting..

  • Crystal

    I guess money doesn't equal taste

  • Salty

    there's a picture of her with chuck norris on her facebook…

    • Salty

      but it's shopped

  • Tony

    Spoilt brat who, by the look of it, at the age of 18 has taken more cock than Paris Hilton has taken same-pose photos

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Serbia. The country that taste forgot.

  • poops like bunny

    who is she? Is she somebody famous over there or………?

  • testing

    Yep, bad looking and high maintenance

  • derp

    spent 300 000 euro on it (almost 400 000 dollars)

  • Spocker

    They forgot to blur out her friends face on the last picture. Oops.

    • MarkAssBuster

      The last 2 pics 🙂

  • TheArchiDan

    WTF were they doing in no.8????
    the wheels of the bus go round and round …. :D:D:D

  • lkjlklkjlkj

    Fat whore looks like she is 40

  • DE V

    welcome to Serbia

  • Johnny

    Wow she has a bright future of tantrums and artificial entitlement.

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