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I remember turning 18 and it was nothing like this (15 Photos)

  • sdfh

    looks like a lame ass party

  • Kuban8r

    What a sham… that's pathetic. I have a daughter who I definitley treat as "daddy's little princess" but this is in a category of retardedness all to its own.

  • Screwdriver

    Man…at 18 my dad said pay rent or leave.

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  • Rolis

    Her name is Heidi…….that is all that needs to be said

  • Bar in Seattle

    Holy livin' ass…..imagine her wedding reception.

  • KDeesey

    I bet she's a real winner!!
    'Like I had the bestest 18th party ever, and like, all my friends came, and we like danced all night long, it was the best, like omg!'

  • Ken

    Seriously, is there something special about the 18th birthday in Serbia? I guess we have "Sweet 16" in the USA. What is so special about 18, that the parents can kick her ass out of the mansion?

    I hope there is some cultural significance to the 18th birthday that could partially justify that spectacle.

    • DE V

      no, there is nothing special about the 18th bday in Serbia!! her parents are just morons and snobs!! just that!!!
      nothing else

  • equalizermax

    She must be rich

  • Colione

    Is this a birthday party, or a "your 18, get the hell out" party? lol

  • Joe Kroger

    Looks lame to me

  • Sandu Gunnakillu

    whats her name again?

  • McCreamy

    I like how she's fat

  • Xenu

    she needs a bigger cake

  • C-man

    Really? You needed to drop political bullshit on a picture posting site. I come here to avoid that shit, I hope you get cancer and die a slow painful death.

  • xXx

    what a shitty birthday

  • Chola87
    just see those pictures, never mind the text, just see pics, and for more of this 'lovely' girl check:

  • JMB

    From the looks of her, I bet see can take down that whole cake by herself.

  • anonymous

    meh…'s a free country…..

  • Paige Stine

    Rich kid, easy to spot.

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