The “Bubbling” phenomenon has begun (18 photos)

Apparently some Mormon, who's unable to enjoy porn, came up with this bubbling technique to make these perfectly clothed girls appear surprisingly naked. If you need me, I'll be on youporn.

  • king

    it is good shit captain

  • schralehond


  • king

    holy shit RILEY i know her in 14

    • steven

      why don't you do her then?

      • Randy

        Because she's 13?

        • steven

          with a name like "king" it probably doesn't matter to him

          • scooter

            I have to agree with randy. The bubbles make her and her friend look like its prepubescent child porn, especially as the bubbles completely hide any figure!

            Bad example

            • its_forge

              Pretty sure those two were under 18 when that photo was taken anyway. It's probably a couple of years old though.

              • Maurice James Girvan

                Missing the point, child porn isn't ok if you look at the pictures after enough time has elapsed to make the subjects old enough. I'm a bit disappointed that #14 and #15 are here. If there are no new posts tomorrow we can assume that the police have been round to Chez Chive and seized their computers!

                • its_forge

                  Well it's still not child porn since they're clothed. Imagining them naked in a pictorial is definitely creepy, but still isn't illegal. But if someone showed it to me on a bus, I'd find another seat.

  • Let's go

    What an ass on # 6 more please!!!!!!!!

    • scv

      took the words right outta my mouth!

  • RandomDude23

    No. 14 are fucking underage , i tell you !

    • pedobear

      its all gravy.

    • HellHath NoFury

      They really shouldn't be fucking underage. Teen pregnancy is no fun.

    • NELSON


  • Crystal

    I'm with you, Picard

  • woohoo

    i don't need bubbles on #6…

    • Zoiks

      Yeah, 6 does more for me than 7. Excuse me for a minute…

      …In most of the others I like the bubbles, though.

  • johnny rotten

    #6 oh my god
    #14 jail bait

  • Yadda

    The Chive seriously needs to find #6.

  • 100window

    #14 jaaaaaaailbait.

  • clint beastwood

    Please find #6……dat ass

  • helixx

    #6 is Fenny Argentinita

    Her blog:

    Pics compilation:

    You're welcome

    • juan

      aguante argentina!

    • zerolbcool

      thx ,i really needed those pix…..u rule!!

    • Anonymous

      Good find. I SALUTE YOU, SIR

  • Anonymous

    #14 and #15 seem a bit young for this….not cool.

  • top dog


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    First things first…..14 isnt even 14!!! That shit gotta go

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Ive seen 10, 11 like 4 times now but those damn bubbles made me do a double take…..sneaky sneaky

  • Goonerboy



    Cleverly done imho, it really does create the illusion that they are wearing less than they are.

  • metalcool36


  • petwookiee

    14 is not cool… those girls can't be more than 15 years old.

  • timmay

    Gotta get 14 off there. That's just not right….

  • bob

    cool… tricks me into thinking they're naked…. cool

  • NTFW

    lololol 15# is soooooooooo jailbait … *pedobear noises*

  • Pinchy

    ^^^ what sound does the pedobear make?….just out of curiosity.

    • top dog

      "10 is too old"

    • eduardzaraki

      ehm… pedobear noised… mm.. "fap fap fap"?

  • AJB

    Is it just me or does #2 has a smokin body?

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