These billboards really pissed people off, I guess (19 Photos)

So a bunch of parents' group and churches are outraged at these 'Virginity Hit' billboards. One parent's group in Louisiana called it, 'The most offensive billboard ever.' I could think of a few others that might dominate in the offensive category. So here they are...

What do you think?

  • ChrisDG74

    The only one I find slightly offensive is #9.
    Turning 9/11 into a political ad.

    • mick k

      the ironic part about it is they are telling you to not vote dem but the photo they usedtook place at a time they were running the country

  • Brad

    #5 FTW!

    • yepANDnope

      Steve disagrees

  • thomas

    fuck PETA

  • thomas

    I lost my virginity in an uncomfortable place

    • Nateb123

      Your butt?

      • McBeastie

        Hey Ooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!

    • unfairrobot

      The back seat of a Volkswagon?

    • Jimbo

      The back seat of a volkswagon?

    • Poota

      Like the back of a Volkswagon?

    • HellHath NoFury

      In the rear…..of a Volkswagon?

      • shutterbitch

        You all spelled Volkswagen wrong. ALL OF YOU.

        • HellHath NoFury

          Waterwagens unite.

        • Grifter

          Thanks for that. It is one of my pet-hates.

          I call him George.

    • themrace

      Why didn't you lather up?

    • Marlowe

      What? In the back of a Volkswagon?

    • Dagon fish

      like in the back of a Volkswagon?

    • bobs ur uncle

      in the ass in jail

  • dave32891

    now there's polls on the Chive?!

    • unfairrobot

  • today

    #5 is a flawless victory

  • Boooger

    I don't see anything offensive about #16, go Texas!

    • H^S

      They used "it's" incorrectly… then again, it's Texas.

      • unfairrobot

        In the Lone Star State they spell it Texa's.

    • top dog


      • HellHath NoFury

        I would, but it's so big.

  • iuriggs6


  • gozer


  • Nateb123

    The parents that made #8 need to listen to some Sweatshop Union.

  • Roberto Barreiro

    WTF PETA! MILK ?!??! REALLY!!!! First the crazy blonde and Vaccines Now Milk, Oxigen is bad too you know??? 100% Of people that breath oxygen Die!!!!

    • HellHath NoFury


  • Stephanie

    The virginity ad is for a movie coming out soon called virginitt hit.

  • yoyooo

    hahaha omg i was just in Chicago for the long weekend, and i seen the "STILL A VIRGIN" billboard…. my soccer team and I went crazy…and actually called it to see if it was real, and sure neough it was !! lol

    • Kjellupa

      You seen it? Really? What part of the south are you from?

  • MarkAssBuster

    milk is actually pretty disgusting if you think about it… really. We are the only species that drinks other species milk.

    Let alone the blood & puss you get with it

    • LiaMMV

      We're also the only species able to tolerate lactose beyond infancy. Probably evolved around 5,000 years ago in northern europe due to a lack of drinking water suitable for human consumption.

  • bob

    The studies PETA is basing this on are over 10 years old.
    Recent studies have neglected this thesis.
    All in all what i'm trying to say is this: fuck PETA.

    • 80085

      They've "neglected" it? Poor thesis must need some attention.

  • Brandon

    I love fucking pitas. Especially after you put them in the toaster for a minute or two. Nice and warm.

  • OneClownShoe

    The votes say it all…and fuck PETA! Fuck them in the ear with a cute little bunny rabbit. I'd tear a live cow apart with my bare hands for a steak.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Leave Appa T out of this!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    morale of the story….Life sucks, put on a helmet and get back in the game

  • wanderingsmartass

    PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals.

    • P-90

      If God didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

      • aaa

        Aren't you funny!

    • Nic

      Can I get that on a shirt….. nearly all animals taste fantastic or are more usefull after death.

  • DirkDiggler

    why is the OBAMA billboard offensive? It's fucking awesome and true

    • dece

      nearly. it's a little off. embarassed = voted for bush. disappointed = voted for obama.

    • Mat

      It's offensive only because most people who voted for him are now embarrassed about it. It's something they're not proud of, like banging a fat chick because it was the best you could do that night.

    • banana

      yay for spending money we don't have on ridiculous things! go obama….

  • Darth Terry

    #9 wasn't there a republican president in the White House when 9/11 happened… those silly bastards

    • Laz

      Yes, a Republican was in the White House when 9/11 happened. That's the Kindergarten way of looking at it.

      A person who thinks at a high school level of thinking would realize that the attacks were planned during Clinton's administration.

      A person who thinks at a junior college level would realize that since 9/11, Democrats have enabled terrorists by hamstringing the military, CIA, and FBI with silly crap like saying we can't waterboard them, or saying that playing Christina Aguilera music at high volume is torture.

      A person who thinks at an adult level would realize that Obummer is further empowering them with his pussyfooting around on national security policies. Why hasn't he taken out the nuclear power plants in Iran? Why has he created a medal for military personnel in Afghanistan that "rewards" US servicemembers for "restraint" when they take fire from Taliban but don't return it so that civilians don't get accidentally hit?

      Yes, Darth Terry, a Republican was in office when 9/11 happened. Now how about we expand the horizons of your brain, asshole?

      • shhhit

        old republican shit bastard. realist loving war and hatred

      • Darth Terry

        Fact: a republican President received a memo saying that the united states was going to be attacked (Bush received this on his month long vacation before the event happened).

        Fact: a Republican President (Ronald Reagan) had the CIA train Osama Bin Laden.

        Fact: you are a fucking douche

        So when Pearl Harbor was attacked… this was the fault of the previous President? same logic… right asshole?

        • Kyle

          wait wait… so… you're saying… a President of the United States is responsible for 9/11? Ahh. Yes. That makes SO much sense. Before you call others douches, perhaps you -might- want to enroll in a logic class.

      • The Mad Zak

        Yes, the Dems have enabled terrorists by hamstringing the military. That is why Bush was able to capture Bin Laden. Oh wait! My mistake! It was Obama that captured Bin Laden. Hmmm……..

        Bush had Bin Laden cornered in the mountains of Bora Bora. Instead of going after him full force, he decided to invade Iraq, a country that posed no threat to us whatsoever (according to the official investigation by the US government after the invasion). When Obama took office he told the CIA chief that finding Bin Laden was his #1 priority. And guess what? We found him.

        Now, howz about YOU take your head out of your ass and look at the facts.

  • Webb

    It appears (at the time of my vote) that chive has149 backwards conservatives viewing its pages.
    1,437 People at are cool in my book.
    Of course there are the 191 cave trolls in their parents basement that even a $5 hooker couldn't help.

    • Darth Terry


  • Nicnac

    really Chive, not even an attempt to be apolitical?

    #10 and #15 are actually related. Would you rather pay an Arab for fuel, and have the drilling and all the risks it entails be somewhere 'over' there, or pay the corn lobby who puts all kinds of crap in ALL our food, from the bottom of the chain (cow feed) to the end product (high fructose)?

  • furthy

    LOL at #16. Dumb Texans….. its or it's?

  • Viper

    LOL #14. I like how it's an ad for funeral services too.

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