These billboards really pissed people off, I guess (19 Photos)

So a bunch of parents' group and churches are outraged at these 'Virginity Hit' billboards. One parent's group in Louisiana called it, 'The most offensive billboard ever.' I could think of a few others that might dominate in the offensive category. So here they are...

What do you think?

  • tigerlily

    fuck you peta

  • Mook

    287 Virgins voting… hahahaha, go get laid.

    • Gandalf..


  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    The only one that I find particularly offensive are the "Life is short, have an affair/get a divorce" ads. Relationships are commercialized enough these days without actively trying to profit from smashing them like an old fax machine.

    The "Come a little closer" one is brilliant, though.

  • Alp

    #11 i fuckin hate those ashley madison people. if murder wasn't so frowned upon…

  • jay

    # 4 is wrong on alot of levels
    is so wrong!!!!!!!!!

  • Cudaman

    Only peta I know is people eating tasty animals 🙂

  • Event Horizon

    People Eating Tasty Animals

  • Tony Miteff

    #1 is awesome. i would have no problem going vegan if animals werent soooo tasty

  • OnTheWire

    How is #2 offensive? Highly depends on the context, doesn't it? Especially since one of the things "thou shalt not" do is "kill." Of course, I guess whoever posted this just assumes the sign is talking about something they like to do. Unless TheChive is saying that anything with a pro-church message is offensive, which would then be evidence of bigotry on the part of TheChive. Let's hope that's not the case.

    • Ejigantor

      #2 would be offensive to the fundie types who want to tell everybody else how to live based on a book they haven't bothered to read all the way through. The context is the 10 Commandmens – Thou Shalt Not Kill, give false witness, take the Lord's name in vain (by putting your words in God's mouth) etc. and the real offense comes when they are forced to acknowledge that they are picking and choosing specific quotations out of context as support and justification for their personal agenda, regardless that said agenda is completely contrary to the actual spirit of the belief system they claim to live their life by.

      • OnTheWire

        And that's still irrelevant given the context of my original post. The "thou shalt not" ad doesn't specify which of the commandments it's talking about. To one person, it might be the commandment against killing, and how anyone could find that offensive is beyond the bounds of rational thought. For someone else, it might be the commandment against bearing false witness (i.e., lying about someone in order to damage their reputation). Who would be offended by that? Liars, I guess. So now we've offended the killers and the liars. How is that "contrary to the actual spirit of the belief system"? It's not.

  • Sven

    #3 for the win.

  • smartguy47

    The fact that 78% didn't have a problem with this is exactly why the world is the vat of greed and debauchery you see before you. Its pathetic.

  • Cbrizzle

    # 6 is actually a prank the guys from the MTV show Jackass did. The two guys in the picture are the creator and a cameraman

  • Buffet

    That whore Emily in #6 would have hell to pay if I was Steven!! That bitch'd better leave the country.

  • Buffet

    Your spelling, grammar, and punctuation are atrocious. Doen't your 'shift' key work??? DUH!

    • bear

      Doesn't… good one douche

  • thetech2

    it funny how people were insulted by the virgin thing but those same people look at the titty posts a hundred times I looked A hundred and one times fuck peta I won't jam my joint down your throat dont jam your religious crap down mine if your a virgin and your reading this just go get laid come over to the dark side its gonna happen anyway

  • Anonymous

    I donated money for the #3 billboard campaign!

  • fnaah

    #3 isn't offensive, it's true. Dawkins FTW!

  • mattscradle

    Like it.

  • Angel Mass

    They used the "V" word! Oh noessss!

  • jakethesnake

    You're more self-righteous than the religious people I know. Did someone catch his little wang in his zipper again?

  • bush

    There is a billboard in my town with a native kid on it that says we need rezball not meth

  • Fiona O Donovan

    #15 seriously PETA? where did ye get that information? at the Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too? GAWD

  • irishfan#5

    #5 rocks. I cant imagine anyone having a problem with it except the husband.
    #9 Seriously? They expect we forgot who was in the white house all of 11 years ago…idiots.

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