• jdegs

    that was beautiful

  • pissedoff

    People died…Right or wrong this should not be entertainment.

    People make me sick!

    • A-Ron

      Then don't watch? We're just sending them to their virgins a little quicker than they anticipated.

      • d7fge6gf

        you miss the point. like so many thoughtless grunts

        • Schadenfreude

          They were laying an IED. That IED was going to kill US/Allied troops the next day. You are trying to make the very weak point that there should be some moral imperative not to enjoy a little schadenfreude at the expense of these murderers. I disagree.

          So yes, this was pure awesome, and I am going to watch it until my computer breaks.

    • Teufelhunden

      1. Its not any different from watching a violent movie or playing a video game. There is no personal connection to what is occurring in the screen, if it can make our blood run, its entertaining enough.

      2. Those IEDs could have had potential harm to troops or civilians.

      3. Everyone's mind is built differently, what the rest of us may perceive as entertaining, may not be for others that do not have a strong heart or viewpoint. Don't judge us, and we won't judge you.

    • Yarrr

      People died? People? You've obviously never seen what they do to their own.

      Yes, it's tragic that people become savages that are willing to do things like plant IEDs, but believe me, they had a more peaceful end than the people who would have bled to death after being hit with their IED. Ever see someone bleed out? Ever see someone scream until they die from their injuries? These "people" as you call them died instantly, a much better end than they deserve.

  • VelvetSmog

    I especially loved the Disney video that followed. That's great cross promotion!

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