Some people wear their leather, others well…(8 Photos)

  • Ducky

    Are these from Jabba The Hut's estate sale?

  • Tony Miteff

    except for the horn table these look stupid.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    someone is gonna lose an eye

  • stafferty

    They all look like things you would find in the house of a Disney villian

  • hypoluxa

    "what a lovely room of death you have."

    • D.Sharp

      Totally what I was thinking.

  • Tim

    half this stuff looks like something out of a Tim Burton animation.

  • order_66

    This reminds me of that one villian from captian planet that had all the animal shit. What was that dudes name?

  • BigDingo


  • P-90

    Reminds me of that flying moose head sofa thing from Return To Oz. (Terrible movie)

  • onlyChange

    hey this page announced that Ive won something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i win one of these hideous set pieces? i bet i could get some sucker to pay high dollar for it.

    • onlyChange

      i keep clicking and entering my email address and credit card information, but ive yet to have to enter my address for them to ship me my gator table.

  • HellHath NoFury


  • D.Sharp

    ATEP's office furniture.

  • kkkkkkkkkkk

    This sort of furniture is absolutely fine with me, as I didn't suffer when the animals were killed.


    awesome….!!!! its luxury at its best, i'd say.

  • screwutoo

    that stuff is tacky and ugly. Who does that shit belong to, some crazy Afrikan hillbilly?

  • Al Gore

    These items belong to George W. Bush. These are some of "W's" finest and are a national treasure. Smithsonian here comes some quality items.

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