Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (28 Photos)

  • ethan

    You done good, Daniel

    • Charlie

      Bravo… Bravo…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000479484565 Ross Stamm

        finally some real Louisiana talent

  • who dat!

    #28!!! is Greeeeeeeeeeeeat!

    • Bruce Leroy

      I used my fingers and after that there were no more fingers.

    • northerner

      Phabulous Phanny! Yowza!

  • QQQ

    #2 = Awesome!

  • aosux

    I love the chick from Everyday Italian. She is my dream wife.

  • josh

    I'm giving the women of MIT extra credit for Ivy League. but stick those girls in a state college and I dunno if it plays.

    • Ken

      MIT is not in the Ivy League. But they plenty smart anyway.

      • H^S

        You'd think with all their BRAINS they'd figure out how to look a bit more presentable.

        Newton's 4th Law: A landmine with a brain, is just a smart landmine.

        • dorkhearder

          I love boning dorks. If you can last over 10 minutes and give them an orgasm, they will treat you like a god. Its something there not use too.

          • ROR

            That is an excellent point. Maybe not the best looking, but they will do WHATEVER you want!

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

            It's also something 'they're' not 'used' to.

    • kaveman

      get a weedwacker , you got some trimming to do.

    • REG

      Yeah, anyone notice the Dudes in the "Women of MIT"???

  • randomdreamr

    Awesome post !!
    #2 – insert invisible dick
    #9 – i've never wanted to pull apart a string that bad
    #28 – good job

  • jenna

    is it just me or has the chive turned the volume up to 11 today?

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    #23 can marry me… And my first first

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      holy crap you were way late on that one dude more like 8th

  • Ralk

    More please #28

    • Knows

      MOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR… is what he means.

  • dupe dupe

    #13…. it's a good thing they're smart.

    • Iambetterthanyou

      a shame you're fat.

    • Every IT guy

      Now you know why we're all moody little homos

  • DrJTrotter

    Women of MIT? Story Checks Out.

    • 1nut

      More like meeeeeh IT

    • deedra

      Except for that one dude in the back on the right.

  • orly

    hey chivers, who is 25? thx

    • Luke

      Eva Herzigová

      • garp

        …with poop on her big toe

        • beardmanly

          just the way i like it
          also, a bit of nipple visible

        • its_forge

          Ever heard of mud? Might want to go look that word up.

  • scott

    i must have stared at 28 for 5 minutes. then i came down here to comment. I'll be back at 28 if anybody needs me

    • Iambetterthanyou

      poo comes from there.

      • Cassidy

        never stopped anyone before

      • its_forge

        Everybody poos. By this point the surface of the Earth is about 15th poo. So what.

        • its_forge

          pardon me, that's supposed to be 1/5th

  • Yes You Are

    Number 18 is amazing.

  • R0pe

    #19 ask a nice gentlemen to spot you. He can provide the added support you require.

  • Gutterville

    @ # 19 your tits are small you should have a problem wearing a sport bra

    • tommo

      mate – be nice, she's opened herself up to us all, and I think we should give some respect.

      If she opened herself up to me, I sure would…

  • Danny P

    I'm gonna throw this out there – top 3 post of all time.
    Yea or nea…?

    • Surge

      Definitely up there! Great set of pics.

  • Lukas

    #24 is the first time I've actually laughed out loud and said lol

  • bobsmith

    Love me some # 28, but what's with the hairy back?

    • Parkatola

      I'm guessing that means she's a human and not a blow-up doll.

    • Ballzonya

      My eyes never made it that far up the picture.

    • likes the fuzz

      Like a peach…everything sweet comes with it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

      You realize that's sweat, right? Not hair? The kind of sweet nectar you lick off of their lower back?

      • its_forge

        It's hair. It's fuzz actually. It's sexy as frick.

    • bob

      All mammals have hair even women!! That's called a real picture not airbrushed!

    • its_forge

      See *if* you'd ever been that close to a real girl you'd know that many if not most women have a very fine, soft fuzz on their lower back right about there and it is extremely sexy lemme tell ya. I knew a couple girls, blondes with mostly Scandinavian ancestry, whose leg hair grew like that and one didn't even bother shaving 'cuz it was tiny and fine and soft and she said nobody ever seemed to care much. Probably 'cuz if you got that close to this girl's legs you'd have been struck speechless like I was.

  • Elmo

    Norway is well represented here, 3 pics! 🙂

    • maymay

      so you're saying that number 6 is also from norway? are you sure?

  • aosux

    Enroll at state college!

  • AJR

    WHO IS #23

  • John

    OMG M.I.T is EPIC fail….. why bother submitting a picture? HORRIBLE

    • TroutSlayer

      Not to mention the dude in the pic. Sucks to be him…

    • its_forge

      You have no sense of humor whatsoever. Those women are awesome for making this pic happen. Think about it, these are computer programmers and particle physicists, not Phys Ed majors who are just going to college to get their M.Rs. degree.

  • aosux

    #19 – Try taking off the shirt and bra, they are whats getting in the way. It might work.

  • Red

    #19….I would first get those moles looked at!

    • edfg

      i could look them, if she wants

    • Nateb123

      Oh wait, those are her boobs! Seriously girl, work out the back muscles if those mosquito bites are causing you trouble.

      • Azurescens

        I disagree. Those are a nice size. More than a mouthful is a waste.

      • its_forge

        You're looking at a bad angle; if you saw her from a quarter-front view you'd be going OH MY GOD THOSE THINGS ARE BEAUTIFUL or such like.

    • lewoo3

      Hi Red – Its me in the pic. I've had the moles looked at. They're fine. thanks!

      • Red

        Good…I kid. I can tell the body is tight, your lookin good.

      • its_forge

        Were you able to find workout undergarments that would keep that marvelous chest out of your way?

        • lewoo3

          Not as yet. Just decided to do less high intensity – doing pilates..tightening more 😉

    • cara

      Hahahaha Beat me to it!

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