Making beer popsicles is like having your cake and eating it too (13 Photos)

Sorry, for this being posted wrong in about 5 different ways. Sometimes I need to post sober.

  • stafferty

    I would much rather try Deep fried beer (It is real and made with Guinness in what I can only describe as a ravioli. I can only say it sounds like it would taste like an amazing orgy of delicousness)

  • tommybhoy

    Too much effort for me… cold beer (and football) will do

  • un amused

    so what, now my kids are going to be stealing my beers?

  • petwookiee

    Leaving it in the can seems unnecessary. I mean… when I was a kid, it went like this:

  • BabyMistakes

    This doesn't look good at all.

  • mattythegooch

    I could be 12 deep, by the time the first one is frozen.

  • nick

    i don't mean to rain on any ones parade but, the alcohol in the beer will be the first to melt off

  • Mmmmmm...Beeeer.

    Chive WIN for reorganizing the backwards pics!

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  • P-90

    I can now picture a lot of pissheads eating yellow snow because of this.

  • Ron

    Yummy! Tiny metal pieces in my beer popsicle. What idiot would freeze it still in the can? Either way, this would taste disgusting.

  • C-man

    Sorry folks, it's basically a flat beer. You won't be impressed.

  • D.Sharp

    A little desperate for material Chive?

    Incidentally, when making home made popsicles of any kind, just cover the container with plastic/Saran wrap or foil then poke the "stick" through. Frozen beer….dis-fuckin-gusting.

    BTW, the tab title reads "Making beer popcyles". Popscyle is a tool capable of detecting potentially undesired cycles between the packages of of a software system.

  • Lame

    What a creative way to waste time and a beer

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  • Rick

    Of all the sites, I would've bet anything that theChive would've known that everyone "has their cake and (then) eats it, too." To properly state the intended concept, that of both consuming the cake while retaining to, perhaps, eat it again later, you say, "eat your cake and have it, too."

    — Call me Wordsmith, John Wordsmith

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