• ben

    My blood pressure just spiked

  • Lillian

    Oh dear, I just realized I do this all the time

    • Stupendous


    • halway downs

      At least you admitted it. Most people are so ignorant, they'll never even know

    • Beau Young

      WHY? Are you afraid you're going to lose gas mileage or something? Not only is it a safety issue for the people behind you (depending on when you start braking) but it will piss anyone off who is waiting on you to turn.

    • HANK

      I just wanna know…Where are the titty posts at this week?

    • V4Vendetta14

      Lillian, nobody is above a good ass-kicking;) Personally, I keep a case of bottled water in my backseat and wing them at people like you.

  • Nelson Costa

    if it's a woman, she must be forgiven.. :p

    • Dave


    • Todd

      If it's an Asian, he/she must be deported..

      Just kidding… … .

    • Matt

      fuck no. and for the record. women are seriously the worst drivers

    • Mime

      If its a blonde then..


      • northerner


  • buttercup

    I despise non-turnsignal users as well as left lane "cruisers". It's a FREAKING PASSING lane!!!
    Oh my, so sorry, I wigged out a little. Putting my bow back in my hair and sitting nicely with folded hands.o.0

    • Beau Young

      Hey, cut it out. Who asked you to behave? Whoever it is should be reprimanded. We encourage insanity and no mental/verbal filters out here.

    • Ballzonya

      Never, EVER drive in the pacific northwest. Everyone seems to use the left lane as a cruising lane there.

    • Ron

      It's a passing lane, not a speeding lane and most people use it for speeding. So I "cruise" in the left hand lane usually beside another car so that speeders cannot get by. We're still going the speed limit. Do most drivers not understand the speed LIMIT? I don't understand why people will speed just to meet them at the next traffic light or to get to where they're going 5 seconds quicker. A lot of good that did you buddy! I hate people who don't use their turn signals as well but speeders are worse. Especially the ones that come up behind you way too fast and then ride your bumper because you're not going 40kms over the speed limit.

      • kismetdoo

        so you're the ass driving the same speed in the left lane and with the car in the right lane. As you said, it's a passing lane so get the hell out. and who are you to enforce the speed limit. you're self-righteous attitude is causing traffic back up. if you have such a problem with people speeding, let them speed to their death or to their $200 traffic ticket.

        • Ron

          The problem is, there never is a cop around when you need one so these idiots who speed almost never get caught, further enabling their speeding tendencies. Driving is a privilege, not a right and these idiots speeding seem to forget that. So, if I can make a difference by slowing down speeders, I do it. Who are you to think that you can drive over the speed LIMIT and break the law? It's not a self-righteous attitude, the speed limit is the law. If you don't want to drive the speed limit, don't drive at all. Traffic would not back up as much if people followed the speed limit. It's the people that don't follow the speed limit that cause the traffic to back up in the first place.

          All of these idiots in a hurry to get where they're going. Everyone is in too much of a hurry nowadays, and for what? To get to your destination a minute before you would have if you went the speed limit. Whooptee doo! You pay for it because parts wear out faster causing more frequent repairs and you pay for it with worse fuel mileage. Everyone needs to calm down and drive the speed limit. It would make for better, safer roads.

          • northerner

            So, Ron, you are determined to be the "public speed control device", eh? You would do a Gomer Pyle "Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest!" on someone who wants to pass you? Just because? Um, well, what you are speaks so loudly I can't hear what you are saying. Or something. Can't help you dude. You're on your own. Don't be surprised if you are a victim of severe road rage someday. You reap what you sow. I understand your anger with "speeders" but who deputized you? You need to chill. In Colorado, left lane cruising on the Interstates will get you a stiff fine and points. Just sayin.

          • Raspberry Kush

            It's people like you that are what's wrong with this world. You know what's best for everybody don't you. We should all listen to you and become little fucking sheeple so you can tell us what's best.

            FUCK YOU RON for being the jackass you are. I hope you die a horrible death.

            • Ron

              Law abiding citizens are what's wrong with this world? Your view of reality is completely messed up then. What's needed in every city in Canada and the US is radar. Then people would obey the speed limit. If not, it would generate a LOT more revenue for the police, government, etc. Sure, it would cost a lot to implement, but the return would be much greater because they could give out so many more tickets without actually having to stop someone.

              Raspberry, wishing me a horrible death? You're the jackass for even stating something like that. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even you. Karma's a bitch though, it'll come back around to you.

      • tee

        who died and left you pace car buddy ? why doYOU care how fast or slow people go- just move out of the way since it's people like that cause accidents…………..

    • Cragnous

      Wow i didn't know you guys though this way, maybe it's different in Canada but:

      1)Yes that picture above does irritate me!
      2)The left lane is the fastest lane and the right lane is the slowest, that's it. You wanna go a little above the speed limit, that's fine go to the left lane but move if someone wants to go faster.
      3)Please don't EVER drive slower than the speed limit, unless it's raining or it's winter.

      Real speed limts..:
      30kmh = 40kmh
      50kmh = 60kmh
      100kmh = 120kmh

      • Ron

        I live in Canada as well but real speed limits? Are you serious? First of all, the only time there is a 30km/h speed limit is in a parking lot or some highway off ramps. There are NO 30km/h speed limits on any city streets or rural roads. By your logic, if the speed limit is 120km/h then the REAL speed limit is 140km/h? People like you are the problem with speeding. A speed limit is the maximum allowed speed of travel, hence the word LIMIT. I despise people like you who think they can make the rules of the road up themselves.

        I'm not moving if someone wants to go faster.

        • Speedfreak

          You sir, are a douche

          • Ron

            No, speeders are the douches who need to be stopped but unfortunately, there is not enough policing to catch many of them.

            • sloppy

              Ron, you seriously suck. Your self-righteousness could get you killed in America. (And in Stephen Harper's wet-dream version of Canada. )

              Just get out of the fucking way.

              • Ron

                Self-righteousness? Talk about self-righteousness, all of these speeders who think breaking the law is their right. No, it isn't.

        • The man

          Moron, every single school zone is a 30km/h speed limit, and I hope you actually are going 30km/h.

          Did you know that if you hit someone at 40km/h, their chances of surviving are halved compared to 30km/h????? Why do you think they have those limits anyhow?

          I get so pissed with people pushing in my ass while I folow the 30km/h speed limit in my town, where there are lots and lots of kids playing in the yards/streets

          What's so important that you had to get there so fast anyway? Be calm, don't speed!

          • Ron

            I agree with you but school zones are posted as 40km/h. At least that's the limit in Ontario, I don't know if it's different for other provinces.

  • DeMonikk1

    I also hate when people absolutely have to pull out right in front of you even though there is nobody behind you. They then proceed to drive 10 mph UNDER the speed limit.

    • IndyBlue

      when people do that to me…they usually get to hear my car horn for the next mile

    • Poopstain

      Makes me wish my car had missles.

    • Guest

      I hear ya!!! My biggest pet peeve.

    • SreyaNotfilc

      That or try to match(or catch-up to) your speed but can't because they had no momentum.

  • Merc

    You think this is bad?. Its even worse when they dont signal at roundabouts. Assholes

    • Todd

      In a roundabout you should be able to tell their trajectory by the direction of their tires. Sounds complicated but really it's not. Plus, roundabouts are designed to slow people down so really, having to wait a few seconds is probably a good thing from the designer's perspective.

      • avoidz


      • Dexxy

        Roundabouts are not used to slow drivers down…they are used in intersection situations that would be far to complicated and expensive to signalize…said with more of "a matter of factually" tone than "hey dick head you're wrong" tone

  • ASShole

    HHNF doesn't use turn signals, I bet.

    • timmy

      most kitchens don't come with turn signals.

      • stafferty

        Well played, good sir. Well played

        • timmy

          thanks guy!

      • Beau Young

        You mean before or after she's done welding ships and ferries? Oh, that's right. You wouldn't know.

        • Gary Busey

          Shouldn't you be out sucking someones wiener?

  • driverdan

    You really trust that idiot with his turn signal blinking as he cruises down the road? Pull out in front of him and see whose insurance company pays the bill.

    • Louis

      I concur. I'd rather someone not signal and turn, as opposed to the opposite.

    • Justin

      agreed. i just wait it out. i like my car (the monthly car payment helps too)

  • DemonSpawn

    Turn signal is not OPTIONAL!!!!!

  • MarkAssBuster


  • Mike

    I live in south florida. Everyone have their turn signals on… ALLL THE TIME!!!! FREAKIN OLD PEOPLE!!!!

    • KorovaMilkBar

      I live in Boca Kill me please.

  • stafferty

    You had plenty of space to pull out anyway.

    I still don't trust people even if they have their turn signals on. You never know if they have had it blinking for the last three miles. I still wait until they start to make the turn.

  • chrisdg74

    Whenever someone does that shit to me, they get the finger and a few choice obscenities yelled in their direction(if car windows are open). F-cking assholes.

    • Scott

      I've done that only to have them get angry at me!!!

      • chrisdg74

        If they're too stupid to figure out they did something wrong, then I don't care what they think about me.

        • i wrote this

          till they follow ur ass down. ive done it and the guy wasnt too angry or yelling those obscenities when i caught him at the next light

          • MiPo1977

            2 words…Bring it!!

          • chrisdg74

            That guy was a pussy, plain and simple. Me, on the other hand? I have no problem saying something to someone's face.

            • b0b

              he said on the internet….

              • chrisdg74

                Drive to SW Ohio, pull the no turn signal crap and see.

                • b0b

                  my car can't really drive across the pacific ocean…….

            • MiPo1977

              As a husband and a father, priority numero uno is protection…And if a careless driver nearly takes out my entire family due to stupidity he deserves my wrath

  • hypoluxa

    waahhhh . . . I can't take a left out of Dunkies because I don't know how to drive with some aggression and need to see everyone's blinker . . . waahhhhh.

    • Joeyk

      Case in point, I give asshole. Thank you for joining us asshole you can go back to making this world the shit hole its become thanks to people like you.

  • tommybhoy

    In Dubai this happens everyday….junctions, roundabouts, changing lanes, its a fecking disease!
    4X4 drivers are the worst….absolute wankers

  • @MilesDean

    college towns are the worst. both sides of the street are parallel parked which leaves about 1.5 lanes for a 2 way street. not to mention most people in college are either douchebags who are always in a hurry or dumb broads who aren't paying attention

    • stafferty

      The worst in that scenario is when someone (usually in direct possesion of a vagina) blocks off half the traffic because they need fifteen attempts to parellel park the car.

  • Benny Lava

    It makes you want to yell "I'm gonna punch your grandma so hard her colostomy bag explodes all over your old family photos!"

    • Sarah

      OMG – what's wrong with me – that make me chuckle

      Goes away and hangs her head in shame for laughing at something so horrible…

      BTW – I am an avid signal user, even with no traffic, gets my goat when oblivious, inconsiderate jackass ignorant F**ks don't use theirs… PMS rant over..

  • brandon

    pops always says never trust a signal
    most people never use them
    or the worst is use them to change lanes after they are more than half way in the lane!!!

  • mattythegooch

    Maybe she was out of "blinker fluid"?

  • MiPo1977

    I'm from MA so it is required that you drive ready to spew venom at all times…And every now and then you have to pull a U-ey and follow the offending driver shouting obscenities at him until you have successfully explained just how much you hate him

    • Joeyk

      I hear ya man, it boils down to people being self absorbed assholes who feel the world owes them something. Its whats wrong with the world today, seriously people need to grow up. You're not better than anyone else, we all wipe our ass the same way so shut the fuck up

  • Jonathan

    People turn cars, not blinkers.

  • Phil

    Ugh I fucking hate this!!!!! God damn dick heads have some fucking decency! Driving is bad enough when there's stupid fucking traffic driving like their on their fucking electric wheelchairs, not even doing the speed limit.

  • equalizermax

    She's probably busy texting…

  • floscar

    Holy hell.

  • Locode

    Too many drivers just don't give a crap, so they don't bother signaling, don't bother stopping at stop signs, text and/or yak on the cell while driving, drive slow in the passing lane, etc etc. I say shoot the lot of them.

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