Ladies and makeup, I see what you did there (21 Photos)

  • Cristi Palincas

    Eh. It would be nicer if they didn't deliberately make the Before photos so bad. Playing with lights, bad angles, etc. These are obviously make-up commercials.

  • Dave

    That last one is one ugly woman

    • Tyler J Smith

      But one sexy man.

  • Dude_love

    Its a trap!!

  • Its-a me, Mario

    #7 and #10 have gotten worse with make-up

    • spiralowlcreations


    • Lev

      I agree, and same with #9.

  • Not Again

    Cris Makeup must be an amazing product!

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  • MiPo1977

    You have my condolences

  • bubblerider86

    haha…that last one was unexpected……

  • MiPo1977

    This is why you GTFO before daylight breaks…
    Also, love how 7 turned into a 80's hairmetal groupie

  • hmm

    So what it's just makeup. [I personally never wear it]
    it's not all about looks, but seeing as you have this attiude towards these women it.. ah nevermind.

    they look fine, before and after too. but #18 is completely unfair because that's pretty much a fuck load of photoshopping not just makeup

    • MarkAssBuster

      plus #18 Rene Zelll-whatever* is fugly anyways. uuuughh <shivering shoulders>

      *Too lazy to spell check her last name in google 🙂

  • argh

    #21 is scary either way

  • Alan

    A smile is enough, really

  • 0o0

    Hardly 'liars'. so what if they don't 'try' do they have to? – too bad, you should be with someone and love them not just for their looks but personality and because you like to be around them.. look beyond their apperance/body [not the pictures here but the woman you may want to spend your life with.. would you stop loving her if she doesn't look like she did when you first met her? but her personality was the same? if so, you just care about looks or not seeing them as something of worth if they don't look like this/that or just as a sex object. ugh]

    • ckris King

      make up is a fail , wearin a mask that makes you beautiful is fooling the men….nothin more, women wear make up whenever they get out of the house,even to move the trash.YES WE WANT TO LOVE WHAT WE SEE AND WHAT WE DONT SEE ,WE HATE WHEN WE LOVE SOMETHIN BEAUTIFUL AND THEN it turns into something UGLY !!

    • Cali

      Looks are important to almost everyone when it comes to a romantic relationship whether they admit it or not. It's true that you should enjoy spending time with someone for their personality but appearance makes a difference between spending time as friends or the spending time in a relationship. Some makeup is OK but it's a problem when someone uses so much they almost look like a different person. I consider that false advertisement.

  • MoD

    They look better, but still really NOT GOOD. Zellweger is shopped not make-up'd so it shouldn't count.

    • Heber Coll

      What I thought, that picture is edited and retouched and and then painted with "digital makeup" then retouched again. She even got new eyes.

  • chrisdg74

    18 – Screw the makeup. I wanna know how they changed Renee's facial expression. In the "after" pic, they got rid of the "someone just took a smelly dump" look she always has.

  • gaboy

    #16 is a dude. You can't tell me otherwise. Nothing will change my mind.

    • Jenn

      so is 14

  • XAV

    Photo post FAIL: none of these women look better, some look worse with makeup on.

    WTF is this? We want to see hot chicks, not makeovers.

  • bob in accounting

    #16 looks like a guy I have seen in my town

  • installer

    Hey isn't that first chick a porn star I recognize her but I can't recall her name.

  • Cajun Carrot

    Makeup is teh haxor!

  • man man

    #3 is still hot without.

    …and Renee Z. is…not attractive.

  • Maddi

    And you wonder why we do it…?
    When you highlight how shit we are without make-up. We can't actually win… If we wear too much we're sluts, if we don't wear any and we're fug, if we wear a little we're 'fake'.

    Cue misogynistic, superficial comments to come my way…

    • MarkAssBuster

      From that type of perspective it is catch 22, I hear ya. Let me try to break it down.

      Personally some of my favorite humans are "Sluts" ( Not to me, but would be considered by most unconfident women. I prefer gorgeous, confident, & sexually experimental women) , Fug=Fug no matter how much "help" with make up, & finally… little make up by definition rarely looks fake.

      The key is to fool us guys to think you have only a little on, even if you use a lot. As long as you have confidence with what you have, who gives what people try to say about your appearance. It is YOUR appearance. You are not trying to please the masses, just the guy (or girl .. maybe) you are interest in, right?

  • ewww

    so what you are saying is that if you are fugly, makeup isn't going to help?

    • MarkAssBuster

      its pretty hard to polish shit.

  • MarkAssBuster

    #19 looks better in the before… wierd :/

  • Northman


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