Snipers in High-Res (31 HQ Photos)

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  • Trynadad

    Some of the best snipers in the world have been women. Although I think most of them wore shoes…
    Also #2 is a great pic, and has a guy just loafing around in the back ground. Sniper photobomb!

    • Poopstain

      Name one.

      • fidelxxx

        Lyudmila Pavlichenko – 309 confirmed kills.

      • yougot


  • johndory

    #12 plox

    • john

      Not proper range attire, but i think we could let it slide just once

    • bhaskar

      wow sexy shooter!!!!!!!!

  • fasterthanu

    killin people has never been easier

  • gaboy

    Barrett 50 Cal is one of the best Sniper Rifles made. If I had the money I would own one just to say FUCK YEAH every time I fire off a round.

    • Slip Rings

      A Barrett is a 3+ MOA gun- great for shooting trucks, not that accurate for shooting people. At 1000 yards that thing shoots a 30 inch shot group ( the average human is 19 inches wide)- best case scenario….. If you have lots of wind or are a crappy shot that shot group gets considerably bigger. I'll take a Remington 700 .308 cal all day long. Stick to video games kid, cuz ya don't know shit about guns.

      • Homesteader

        I'll take the .338 Lapua.

        That is all.

      • CdnSldr

        with a 50 cal weapon, you don't need to hit shit. the shockwave alone is gonna blow the guy's head off.

        • Nameless

          Ummm… No, it doesn't. See Slip Rings' comment.

          • jason

            he's just saying it powerful dude -_- lay off

      • Brack

        hahaha, so true… I'll go with the Accuracy Int. .338.. the Barrett isn't as accurate at at least 10 other .50's I've shot.. EDM Arms Windrunner is the best .50

    • Andrew

      Actually, every time I fire a .50BMG I mentally should FIVE DOLLARS, SOB!

    • jeff

      cheytac is best sniper rifle ever, .408 higher speed, less drop, no signature makes it untraceable after fired.

  • Heber Coll

    It takes guts to be ready to spend days lying on the ground without moving waiting for a single shot. That's dedication to the job.

    Love #2 and #29

    • Rick

      #2 just shows how it is just waiting, waiting, more waiting, go Now

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    You can just imagine this one hitting the shots on leave.

  • USMC vet

    reach out and touch someone….. OOOhhhhhRaahhhh

  • Frank

    I present Kellie Pickler + Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle. Start here and go right:

    Taken by my friend the photog.

  • DJ Diggity

    Beautiful set of pictures! Thanks!

    • Rick

      thank you for coming to the site

  • Guest

    # 14 isn't a sniper he's a marksmen

    • Rick

      yeah, I stretched the word a bit; you are correct

  • Ko Shendai

    you have to be badass to be a sniper. you sit all day wait for the shot, and when it comes you have one chance to hit or they hide and start trying to find out where the shot came from. and once you hit you need to get the hell out of there cus you have basically no means of protecting yourself when they rush at you with automatics.

  • robin yates

    the latest extreme range shots were fired by a British Corporal, Craig Harrison in Helmand Province , Afghanistan.Using an Accuracy International L115A3 he killed 2 Taliban at a range of 2.47 Kilometres.His third shot hit the Taliban fighters machine gun. This was in November 2009

  • Opeth

    I'd hate to meet #30 in a dark alley.

    • Rick

      if you're on the wrong team, it'd be a short meeting

  • mike

    30 is best camouflage ever

  • Huddo

    #7 shopped or real?

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