• European Ibex

    Actually, we go there to show the ladies how awesome we are. Problem is, the ladies never come to watch.

    • Penelope

      Thank God for photography though right? Now you have PROOF.

    • Guz

      You sir, are a God of comedy.

  • Kevin

    wow.. what are they thinking

  • stafferty

    I want a large monkey at the top of the dam to start thowing barrels. Extra points if he can kidnap the goat princess

    • stafferty

      On a related note, I nominate HHNF as princess of the Goats

      • HellHath NoFury

        Goats go to Hell.

  • tommybhoy

    That's nuts and awesome!!

  • ryan

    was the f*ck necessary?
    really…. really…..

    • MiPo1977

      Why yes, yes it was…

    • Penelope

      yes…yes it was.

    • dave32891

      was the second really necessary?

      • scooty

        Why yes… yes it was…

  • Bob Saget


    That hideous AOL/Facebook/Stumble toolbar at the bottom of the page sucks big green diseased obama dicks.

  • youdummy

    dam goats

  • Baaaaaaad joker

    We're a bunch of Men Who Stare at Goats.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    damn immigrant goats….

  • BigDingo

    daaaaaam goats, what are you doing there? You do not belong on that dam.

    • Son of Dad

      I see what you did there.

  • No1Ass&DickLicker

    Pffff, my mentally challenged grandmother makes better humour than that. I'd say nice try but It's not even nice so I wont. And dams are not built with cinder blocks.

    • jungle jim

      lol, hey chris why the deleted coment?

  • b0b

    why do people try to make comments like these since they started being posted on the chive, why…

  • CaptainInsano

    I don't blame them, this is probably the most fun thing a goat can do.

  • ryan

    really? yes, yes it really was

  • Frankenbozo

    Kevin, I'm guessing that they're thinking about where to put which foot next whereas I would be thinking about hollering for my MAMA!!!

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  • Hoyt Mcguyer

    We are nibbling the tastiest lichen YOU never ate!

  • Fred

    Please put these photos in HQ…kinda hard to see in the current small sizes.

  • HellHath NoFury

    I'm shaped like a barrel and wear heels and I can't even walk along a flat surface. Goats have magic.

    • nelson

      Hey HHNF, "shaped like a barrel and wearing heels???" would love to see a pic of you this way, lol.

  • Cudaman

    Dam goats, ate my dam bait. Can we get on with the dam tour?

  • Puzzlebs

    hi chive I live in Brescia but actually that dam is Bergamo province. here is another image of those ibexs

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  • AceKing

    Beautifully shopped. Anyone who believes this is on the up and up is incredibly naive.

  • jeffharris57

    Reblogged this on Jeff's Blog.

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